Save Our Water

Exhibit Info

  • Monday – Thursday: 11 am – 10 pm
  • Friday – Sunday: 10 am – 10 pm
  • Location: Building A/B

The California Department of Water Resources in conjunction with Office of Community Partnerships & Strategic Communications provides the “Save Our Water Yard Transformation Education Center” exhibit, a multi-facet themed exhibit designed to help Californians understand that climate shifts have created a hotter, drier environment, and that means a new water reality for everyone. Californians must make lifestyle changes and adopt a new mindset about how we use and conserve water.

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Save Our Water, California’s statewide water conservation program, is showcasing how Californians can use water more efficiently in their yards and gardens and still have colorful, esthetically pleasing landscapes—that include areas for recreation. ​Come experience our booth offering fun and educational experiences for the whole family, including:

Interactive Resource Center: Water-Wise Yard Planning​

Learn all about transforming your lawn or garden. There are water-wise solutions to fit every style and budget level. Meet our yard education ambassadors and explore interactive resources.​

  • Find customizable solutions that fit your needs and budget​
  • Discover the beauty of water-wise landscaping​
  • See water-wise and native plants up close and learn about what makes them drought-tolerant ​
  • Create your perfect shopping list​
  • Learn about rebates available in your area​
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Kids Activity: Plant Your Own Water-Wise Wonder led by Home Depot​

Children will learn about the importance of conserving water, rain or shine, and how planting water-wise and native plants are a great way to help us save water. Then, they will put their fun education lesson into action by planting their own water-wise wonder to take home.​

First 15 kids at each fair | 10am, 12pm, 2pm & 4pm daily