Bonney Cooling Stations


With the California State Fair’s diverse range of entertainment options, including live harness racing, a variety of strolling acts, and captivating concerts, the addition of the Bonney Cooling Stations ensures an unrivaled experience where you can keep your cool while indulging in all the Fair has to offer.

cooling station in park


So, take a break from the sun, unwind in the shade, and keep your personal systems running smoothly at the Bonney Cooling Stations during your unforgettable adventure at the California State Fair.

Nestled within the expansive Fairgrounds, the four strategically placed stations offer a much-needed respite from the soaring temperatures, allowing visitors to relax and rejuvenate under the refreshing shade.

truck in a crowd

Bonney Cooling Station Locations

Location 1: Behind Expo Center Building 6, near Heart Health Park

Location 2: Next to the water fountain at the end of Palm Avenue

Location 3: Pepsi Main Promenade & Food Court

Location 4: Food Court next to Cool Shopping/D Tent

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