Student Showcase 2017 Results

2017 Preliminary Results

WEN    Exhibitor NameDivisionClassTitleScore
52F893 Alexa Zhang2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Lady In RedPass
A69ECB alexa Zhang2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Soft PastelPass
44956F Alina Wang2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Palace GuardiansPass
2E88EC Anson Chen2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9ElephantPass
A4AC2C Anson Chen2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Rainbow TownPass
60EA95 Becky Liu2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Colorful SpringPass
7BA2F1 Cynthia Lei2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Day and NightPass
76A213 Eddie Sun2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Fishes and LotusPass
F73E64 Eric Huang2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9The Beautiful FishPass
20D2B4 Evelyn MacMichael2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9PencilPass
026000 Jayden Han2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9JaguarPass
CCD4FE Jayden Han2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9FiretruckPass
ADEA1E Jerry Wu2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Flying HeartPass
69BF2C Jolene Huang2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Puppy LovePass
000E79 Jolie Kuo2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9JunglePass
90FC05 Kaylee Paquin2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Summer Time GirlPass
3BE9B0 Kelly Zhang2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Freshwater MermaidPass
7BE9B6 Krisha Yap2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Happy CatPass
0F07FE Lucas Li2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Dinner Time?Pass
95B371 Maggie Lee2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9The Cooking ChickenPass
4FA792 Miley Zhang2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Woman Fish FisherPass
CAF6E5 Nutthee Bhavabhutanon2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Autumn MealPass
DC5671 Rayna Xu2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9Zoo PlaygroundPass
D0FCE9 Tyler Hoang2D – Artwork – Drawing01 Ages 5-9The MermaidPass
4793EA Andy Hoang2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12Rainbino ShoosPass
262E74 Anna Mullisen2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12The Lonely WolfPass
80BD66 Cameron Wright2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12Back Counrty FarmhousePass
26A895 Dionne Chen2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12Lady BugPass
0C5CDD Enerson Poon2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12Dazzling ApplePass
21AE33 Felix Wu2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12DiffindoPass
31B880 Hanna Liang2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12TigerPass
E0D99B Isis Barfuss2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12UntitledPass
0E24D5 Jessie Sun2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12Fairy HousePass
BC2C76 Kaitlyn Huang2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12The CozyPass
91A582 Katy OBrien2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12John LennonPass
09E146 Lauren Goi-Yamamoto2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12American Revolution ABCsPass
44443E Leah Wong2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12One Eyed Egg MagicianPass
D00241 Leah Wong2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12Cat CreamPass
5EE6FF Lindsey Emmons2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12ChataPass
E835C1 Michelle Wan2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12Pat and JoePass
28663B Nicolas Liu2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12Hawaiian SunsetPass
F0D48E ryan maeng2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12my life printPass
CF1884 Sky Luo2D – Artwork – Drawing02 Ages 10-12Dream A DreamPass
1EA707 Adithi Benush Benush2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15World War 11 tankPass
7D04A4 Alisa Luu2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15BreathePass
FCD8D6 Alisa Luu2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15HallucinatioPass
903B71 Allyson Ing2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Large AspirationsPass
68BC93 Ashley Saber2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Random ThoughtsPass
6DE6EC Ava Schoedler2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15self portraitPass
FB43E7 Christine Love2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Wolf CallingPass
C01216 Gloria Yang2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15HauntedPass
CFDAEC Gloria Yang2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15AddictionPass
7E6473 Guoxiao Wu2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Under the SeaPass
91CB6A Janis Phung2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Great WolfPass
13C6D6 Kaitie Pereira2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Pretty HurtsPass
BA7153 Kate Olario2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Taking a shotPass
352B52 Kayla Gong2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Luna gazing up at CancerPass
AA4727 Kellie Chen2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15HeavenPass
47057A Kevin Weng2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15The Blooming FlowerPass
51F179 Lyna Jiang2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15A Day in the SnowPass
DD5FD2 Madeleine Ng2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Releasing turtlePass
21995C Megan Liu2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Spring BridgePass
114F22 Risa Schapiro2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Portrait in Locomotive CabPass
F7251C Shannon Kwok2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15StrawberriesPass
11DC12 tiffany aiello2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Rat RacePass
3D728C Tiffany Aiello2D – Artwork – Drawing03 Ages 13-15Day and NightPass
E6172A Candice Leung2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18The GambitPass
55FF26 Danielle Drislane2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Second GuessingPass
EC26F4 Grace Conlin2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Concrete JunglePass
FC21F6 Hannah Turner2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Running Out of TimePass
35F5CC Jasmine Chau2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Wet Self-PortraitPass
39A94D Jasmine Chau2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Lovers of VeronaPass
62FA60 Jasmine Yung2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Clear and PollutedPass
FAC3AF Jasmine Yung2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18GuidedPass
5AF8CB Jessica Yeung2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Mind of Edgar Allan PoePass
5F7B6A Jessica Yeung2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Agony!Pass
F35E02 Jessica Yeung2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Forbidden SecretPass
8CFFFA John Liang2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18In Like a LionPass
6E6E24 Julia Benson2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Post-SwimPass
382434 Karissa Seeger2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18NolanPass
5627B6 Layla Haq2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18The SmoochPass
CB6685 Layla Haq2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18LeopardPass
E0079A Logan Ruggles2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Chat NoirPass
DB1259 MARCIA CAGANDAHAN2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18King of the JunglePass
2502CF Sinclaire Thomas2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Seer of AllPass
055E08 Sindhu Goli2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Nightmares and Day dreamsPass
18C6A0 Tyanne Minyard2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Old ManPass
2ACC25 Velvet Brown2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18CetoPass
286884 Zoe Stephens2D – Artwork – Drawing04 Ages 16-18Pleasure from their eyesPass
138BEC Alan Zhang2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Biggest FlowerPass
74BD2C Alexa Zhang2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Chicken PresidentPass
873C97 Alexa Zhang2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Year of Rooster Stamp SetPass
0ACC7A Alicia Feng2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Under the WaterPass
BE7C23 Alicia Feng2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Trip to ChinaPass
4BDE17 Amanda Kwong2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Blue BirdPass
F81717 Amanda Kwong2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Fish WomanPass
905073 Amberlin Liu2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9FridaPass
BE39B0 Angelina Lee2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Girl in the GardenPass
C84C3F Angelina Sun2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Rainbow RoosterPass
97007E Bernice Ng2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Animal BoyPass
955E11 Eddie Sun2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Colorful BirdPass
4F83CC Elaina Wong2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Rainbow Koi FishPass
AEC303 Elaina Wong2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Puzzle BunnyPass
3E946A Erika Jing Wong2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Rosie the CatPass
0CA01D Freesia Gong2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Pot ManPass
64BC57 Jesse Wu2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9I See You, You See MePass
CB7A00 Jesse Wu2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Singing GirlPass
D798E6 Jesse Wu2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Beautiful FishPass
66524B Jessica Lin2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Rainbow FishPass
A036C0 Jessica Lin2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Gumball MachinePass
328C30 Kathy Zheng2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Flower HousePass
98E8FC Kathy Zheng2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Sweating HeartPass
986946 Katrine Li2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Fish LadyPass
B15F02 Katrine Li2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Pattern MachinePass
3D9A5A Kaylee Zheng2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Banana In A PlatePass
B50690 Kaylee Zheng2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Christmas LightsPass
80D680 Keira Zhang2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Backbone Of AmericaPass
F2B74E Leon Chi2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9DreamPass
B5B81A Linna Chenglin Ni2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Woman of TimePass
3C8AC5 Maggie Lee2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Swimming FishPass
A3DB6E Reagan Abbot2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Desert CactusPass
100EFB Sophia Nebe2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Egyptian MasterPass
58505D Sophie Zhao2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9RubyPass
6BFE0F Sophie Zhao2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Flower, Queen, DogPass
45673A Stephanie Ou2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Little LilyPass
DCD902 Yu Fei Li2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Lovely DayPass
43FD87 Zai Xiang Xiang2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9The Two-Headed FishPass
101A51 Zoe Sun2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9ColorfulPass
47E193 Zoe Sun2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9Brown OwlPass
DBA610 Zoe Sun2D – Artwork – Mixed Media01 Ages 5-9BunnyPass
DE32A3 Aileen Kim2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12Flying WishesPass
3CA344 Ai-Lun Fu2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12Mountain HamsterPass
CA24A7 Gregory Souza2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12WolfPass
F94FD8 Jeannie Zheng2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12The Dream ForestPass
B7C96D Jessie Sun2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12Day And Night OwlPass
3F0306 Karen Gong2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12Rainbow Car on the StreetPass
62D424 Karen Gong2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12The Coy FishPass
9DB9CC Keara Lenore Matias2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12Rose GardenPass
007F92 Kenny Liu2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12Cat ProblemsPass
C21ACF Kenny Liu2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12Life of an Egg in a BottlePass
0FB65F Lavina Wu2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12LilyPass
16C2FA Lewis Choi2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12Mint chipPass
946A1B Lisa Meng2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12The LadyPass
D747B7 Matthew Ng2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12Sea AdventurePass
60D9CA Ziye Wang2D – Artwork – Mixed Media02 Ages 10-12UniquePass
4D5E93 DanYi Wang2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15London StreetviewPass
D5C5BA Emily Langton2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15FracturedPass
1A0CE2 Gabby Bauman Bauman2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15World War11Soldiers MemorialPass
3A0C57 Harmeen Kaur2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15SunyaariPass
4215D0 Janis Phung2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15Toxic BeautyPass
BDF0F8 Jun Yan Luo2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15Midnight ThoughtsPass
46B08F Kristie Herrin2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15Between the Sun and the MoonPass
2B9BF8 Lucia Hernandez2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15DeerflowerPass
AB778E Mei Jun Lin2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15Loops and DetailsPass
CAA007 Mei Jun Lin2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15Charcoal ColorfulPass
8B2D40 Rachel Hunter Tcruz2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15ineffablePass
0FA025 Ryley Walker2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15EarthlingsPass
C7FFB5 shelby nicholas2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15Hands OffPass
20F117 Sophia Butler2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15Sunset in MexicoPass
FD3139 tiffany aiello2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15Return to NaturePass
06BAE2 Yana Frikhtman2D – Artwork – Mixed Media03 Ages 13-15Lost in The ForestPass
578A77 Ameeta Ameeta2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Randhawa GirlPass
CB32F0 Bethany Gen2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18American DreamPass
EE4601 Claru Garay2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Not in the MoodPass
344D06 DanYi Wang2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Waterlillies in WatercolorPass
5C413F DanYi Wang2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Sailing Through a StormPass
521D6B Emma Petersen2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18FreefallPass
BE3D34 Jessica Yeung2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Feel the RhythmPass
4C5E3D Kennie Saengsoury2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18BluePass
3D46F5 Koleen Matias2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Still in TimePass
716DC0 Krista Rogalski2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Unspoken WordsPass
0B410E Kristin Parulan2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Queen of the JunglePass
240933 Mae Alice Burke2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18SelfiePass
9075CB Mia Stephens2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18dreaming portraitPass
17F292 Micheala Garza2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18FlickerPass
B44BF8 Rajpreet Shergill2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Sherni-LionessPass
40EC03 Savannah White2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Trailing TearsPass
6F4292 Savannah White2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Trail PartnerPass
682FA7 Zoe Stephens2D – Artwork – Mixed Media04 Ages 16-18Birth of CuriosityPass
69D748 Alexa Zhang2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Tree & CloudsPass
B9D216 Alexa Zhang2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Boat In SunsetPass
36846A Amberlin Liu2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Ice cream shopPass
AA99FD Amberlin Liu2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9DisappointmentPass
5C8D94 Anastasia Grabovska2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9NarniaPass
59FCD9 Carrie Fong2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Happy FacelandPass
1D2202 Colin Diep2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9T-Rex Mama vs StegasaurusPass
A4EE8E Edna Batey 1st Grade D Track [Team/Company]2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Working TogetherPass
03B9C3 Ethan Diep2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Baby ElephantPass
9E8E5F Ethan Diep2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Triceratops in AutumnPass
A45ACF Ethan Diep2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Life In The DesertPass
DC608E Jocelyn Yi2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Fun day at the zooPass
660B3B Kedaton Campbell2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9The King and Queens willPass
124797 Keira Zhang2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Three Koi FishPass
E66E67 Keira Zhang2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Mountain in FallPass
79AB43 Leo Li2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9The WolfPass
93F5CA Miranda Gao2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9PeacockPass
20B825 Neiman Bhavabhutanon2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Moonlight WolfPass
B7D61F Ruoyan Xu2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Chameleon ColorsPass
24F678 Thomas LePage2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9California Brown BearPass
5895CA Thomas LePage2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Desert SunsetPass
1E64CA Zoe Williams2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9PosiePass
7029D1 Zoe Williams2D – Artwork – Painting01 Ages 5-9Winter GlowPass
42F3FD Cameron Villa2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12UntitledPass
B915CB Cynthia Huang2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Ice Scream ExpressPass
B11706 david maxson2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Squid taking down the TitanicPass
1A6FE5 Ella Kibukevych2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Fall colorsPass
5908AA erin maeng2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12waves of the waterPass
862B85 Evelyn Yang2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Staring at the night skyPass
DF4812 Evelyn Yang2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Korean Folk TigerPass
DDFA19 Ginger Khan2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12West Coast WhalesPass
F7AF6A Jamie Yan2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Autumn SwingPass
51A0CD Keira LePage2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Saw MillPass
C76E42 Kevin Lao2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12My Teachers Old WagonPass
C0C241 Lex Truong2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Man DogPass
EBA025 Lex Truong2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Farm HillsPass
DD5850 Margarita Kibukevych2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12FreedomPass
615D88 Omid Izadi2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Through the EyesPass
789D5B Omid Izadi2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12ChainPass
6FD1B4 Sherry Shi2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Ice QueenPass
93F553 Sonya Hong2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Autumn ReturnsPass
0F57FD Valerie Ng2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Butterfly ShipPass
9390F7 Valerie Ng2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Under The SeaPass
CB9DB1 Valerie Ng2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Abstract MoosePass
3271C1 Ziye Wang2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12The Forest of LavenderPass
795562 Ziye Wang2D – Artwork – Painting02 Ages 10-12Brilliance of PinkPass
09C5B8 Allison Kam2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Eastern Yellow WagtailPass
A84FF6 Andrea Cheng2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Along the PacificPass
D8CB46 Annie Zhao2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Awakening DawnPass
3A71AB Daniel Lim2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Self portraitPass
88BFFF Darya Martsayanava2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Jade in the DeepPass
406D2E Dior Chen2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Historic LockePass
4A174B Emily Vona2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15King of the MountainPass
D844C7 Erica Liu2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15For my GrandmotherPass
E14397 Janis Phung2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15NaturePass
5B6B9F Jekaterina Mihalcuka2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Split PersonalityPass
FDF3D8 Kristie Herrin2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15I Am Not As Fine As I SeemPass
8CD9C6 Lauren kim2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15At RestPass
D5190B Lily Wang2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Master Study – FlowerPass
92141B Lyna Jiang2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15New York CityPass
AAB7D7 Madeleine Ng2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Red Fox Lurking for its PreyPass
7EA158 Mariya Grabovska2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Fly fishingPass
CCB591 Michelle Nazareth2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15ConfusionPass
19630F Nadia Benes2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Copper Pot Still LifePass
282072 Nadia Benes2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Golden TreasurePass
67FA04 Rachel S Lee2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Gregarious LlamaPass
C06A73 rahul iyer2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15motherPass
2E3D70 Samantha Morrison2D – Artwork – Painting03 Ages 13-15Standing TallPass
94413D Abbey Hagiwara2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Ride of Your LifePass
96E52F Abbey Hagiwara2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Nice BallPass
71A82F Angela Sims2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Change in the AirPass
18C4A9 Ashlyn Miles2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18OriginsPass
E65222 Brandon Erickson2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18ScreamerPass
1EBB6D Bree-Elise Hansen2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Maasai BeautyPass
F26E11 Caitlin McLaughlin2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18My EscapePass
CE2328 Clio Smith2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Different Kind of HomePass
594725 Danielle Drislane2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Light in the DarkPass
7B050E DanYi Wang2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18A Day in The PrairiePass
27E971 Emma Petersen2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Beyond the PalePass
6C2F2D Emma Petersen2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18CarcinologyPass
728F98 Hannah Bohan2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Without CausePass
572605 Hannah Stubee2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Pick Your PoisonPass
2AD5B6 Kathryn freitag2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18the clownPass
7E499B Madeline Frey2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Uncertain RebirthPass
CEF1C4 Madison Morford2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Mattie CatPass
CAF3A2 Marissa Hong2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Overlay of Teen Angst Over JoyPass
1969BD Naomi Smith2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18The Choice To RemainPass
82AD8C Owen Boxx2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Business CasualPass
6366D6 Taylor Wills2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Louder than a LionPass
0420D5 Tyler Boyer2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Original SinPass
D8F213 Victoria Kalinovskiy2D – Artwork – Painting04 Ages 16-18Seasonal ClosingPass
9F1E25 Natalie Dean3D Printed Model with Plans02 Ages 10-12Take My HandPass
71BA6F Caitlin Provencal3D Printed Model with Plans04 Ages 16-18Gardens RestaurantPass
96F1AB Anna Sharpee3D Sculpture01 Ages 5-9Wonder WhalePass
B67D19 Annabelle Colby3D Sculpture01 Ages 5-9Frida Kahlo inspired PlatePass
9A0620 Esha Banerjee3D Sculpture01 Ages 5-9Sunny SmilePass
624997 GILLIAN GLIKMAN3D Sculpture01 Ages 5-9bowlPass
B3C390 Isabelle Saul3D Sculpture01 Ages 5-9ZEBRA RESTING UNDER A TREEPass
5F2215 JONAS LEE3D Sculpture01 Ages 5-9Silver candy DishPass
CDF7BC Marek Benes3D Sculpture01 Ages 5-9In Memory of Sylvie the FishPass
33A2CB Michaela Yearnshaw3D Sculpture01 Ages 5-9Circling the HivePass
4BC2C4 Phoenix Aalgaard3D Sculpture01 Ages 5-9Midnight seaPass
4BF548 Phoenix Aalgaard3D Sculpture01 Ages 5-9Green lagoonPass
0909FD Alex Erickson3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12StriperPass
B116ED Alyssa Sabol3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12Flowering KimonoPass
A964F8 Drew Arias3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12ScorcherPass
CC91C5 Maryn Wright3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12St. Colette DioramaPass
E4AD4B Megan Sabol3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12Megans Guardian AngelPass
77F3A2 Michaela Liff3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12No ordinary color fits inPass
FA1361 Rebecca Golts3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12Jungle TearsPass
76FCA8 Samantha Larkin3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12Rose PlatePass
334022 Samantha Lee3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12Sea Otter and his snackPass
0DE8A5 Tiana Uding3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12Hidden BeautyPass
4E47AD Tiana Uding3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12Write Your Own DestinyPass
75ECDB Tiana Uding3D Sculpture02 Ages 10-12Outdoor EdPass
460743 Bella Radovich3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15ThingPass
5D4F01 Cate Joaquin3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15Giacometti TributePass
2CD7DA Dillon Parker3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15Encaustic FlowersPass
334C82 Emma Kritsepis3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15Days of the DeadPass
298512 Justin Vang3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15SeptapussPass
A09C86 Kayley KirKaldie3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15a cherry on the topPass
97E0DB Lauren Russell3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15Christmas Coil VasePass
C2F173 Piper Wenstrom3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15BuddhaPass
EDB86C reagan tonda3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15Wilbert the GnomePass
11F4CE Sydney Williams3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15Blueberry PiePass
200628 Sydney Williams3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15Burger and FriesPass
0EAA20 Tati Solano3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15FriendsPass
6E90E8 Tati Solano3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15Arctic FamilyPass
B58413 tiffany aiello3D Sculpture03 Ages 13-15AlpacaPass
7F64A0 Akhil Vega3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18PapitoPass
0A2B85 Bethany Gen3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18BearPass
8E7110 Brooke Golson3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Rustic 8Pass
050683 Calista Alan3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18UntitledPass
478BF2 Carlos Sainz3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Alien Among UsPass
F4E8E5 Cynthia Haro3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Bed of RosesPass
4DB27B Daisy Zepeda3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Red Hill and White ShellPass
5E0CC1 Daksha Prasad3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18We Are OnePass
B0BB90 Daksha Prasad3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Anti Carbon FootprintPass
174512 Daniel Lawson3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Patriotic HarambePass
CF7A50 Emily Ginnever3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Time KeeperPass
7E4CC3 Emily Talmi3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Pooh BearPass
4AD606 Emma Freeman3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Bad is GoodPass
61E9AF Gemma Goebel3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18BroadwayPass
3374B0 gillian george3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Trippy ExpressionPass
2885B8 Hamza Khan3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Untitled Keith HaringPass
5697BD Isabella Mangone3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18BarefootPass
66C3E5 Isabella Mangone3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18OgurtPass
ED0587 Isabella Mangone3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18LydiaPass
F37E8D Isabelle Daniel3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18RattlesnakePass
4127DB Jade Osiow3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18SeaweedPass
47D311 Jade Osiow3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Porcelain LovePass
D8CA03 Jade Osiow3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Smokey MerlotPass
7E2A3F Jayna Hardy3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18No Fish No FuturePass
8F577F Jayna Hardy3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Koi PondPass
434A90 JC Song3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18SubscorpionPass
29321D Jonah Zahnd3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Relentless FaithPass
DA2F8D Kailah Marable3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Starry NightPass
971C1E Kat Yo3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18hanging MobilePass
B1CEA6 Kat Yo3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Rooster in business suitPass
D6772E Kat Yo3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18man under umbrellaPass
E3F74E Lauren Sylvester Sylvester3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18bowlPass
C16A17 Lauryn Hardoy3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Te FitiPass
ED8081 Layla Haq3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18A Bite Full of FearPass
F8FBC3 Lindsay Siudara3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18The great dividePass
2FD281 Lonny Pichay3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Farewell to AngerPass
F57B3E Madeleine Hang3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Waterlilies & Japanese BridgePass
BADACE Malia Tuitavuki3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18The Waffle HousePass
56F961 Marissa Hong3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Endless Teabags of ReveriesPass
B31198 Marissa Hong3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Tea dressPass
B9DFEF Marlee Absalon3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Fred The ScarecrowPass
E09F39 McKennah Byrd3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18The Hidden TowerPass
5A3B07 Michelle Yang3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Michael Angelos Surprise boxPass
65A8EF morgan beasley3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18A Look into NaturePass
998E22 Nicholas Rose3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18DougiePass
F4F4AD Nicole Pagarigan3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Splash it KoiPass
4074F2 Reyna Cardenas3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18FoxyPass
5506F0 Sarah Thomas3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Mystic WatersPass
F1B4B3 Sofia Molina3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18Ringo StarrPass
6AB9C1 Tanattida Phanthong3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18the bright lanternPass
1D54A1 Taylor Piatt3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18ContemplatingPass
BC1766 Teri Handa3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18HaruPass
F2B90A Xavier Caudillo3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18A Beast in the artworkPass
3DC543 Yelitza Andrade3D Sculpture04 Ages 16-18The Road to Broken DreamsPass
65089B Alexa ZhangArt X Factor – Any Other01 Ages 5-9Big FishPass
F557D5 Alexa ZhangArt X Factor – Any Other01 Ages 5-9DancerPass
E83291 Evelyn ShergillArt X Factor – Any Other01 Ages 5-9Creative JuicesPass
CD71D5 Keira ZhangArt X Factor – Any Other01 Ages 5-9SquirrelPass
2FEF37 Lizzie MartinezArt X Factor – Any Other01 Ages 5-9Dorys Purple ShellPass
76FFBF David StarovoytovArt X Factor – Any Other03 Ages 13-15Wild HarmonyPass
CF3736 Drake StrongArt X Factor – Any Other04 Ages 16-18Sunset in Fort BraggPass
738F6E Grace MylesArt X Factor – Any Other04 Ages 16-18Who Run The World?Pass
8067EA Grace MylesArt X Factor – Any Other04 Ages 16-18Unda Da SeaPass
B02ADF Joseph GalkowskiCollision for Sustainability04 Ages 16-18Incan Revival ArchitecturePass
D872A8 Anna SharpeeCrafts01 Ages 5-9The fairy of orangePass
A92DBA Drew EricksonCrafts01 Ages 5-9DottyPass
D2B25D Drew EricksonCrafts01 Ages 5-9Symmetry in SpringPass
016C8B Lizzie MartinezCrafts01 Ages 5-9AnchoredPass
795DA8 Lizzie MartinezCrafts01 Ages 5-9GlamourPass
0A7220 Alex EricksonCrafts02 Ages 10-12Rainbow BikerPass
EF541E Gregory SouzaCrafts02 Ages 10-12DeerPass
2B011D Jessica LiuCrafts02 Ages 10-12Red PeonyPass
13C08B Emilia WhiteCrafts03 Ages 13-15Fit for a QueenPass
56D342 Emilia WhiteCrafts03 Ages 13-15Floating CirclesPass
5B427B Emilia WhiteCrafts03 Ages 13-15All Purpose Clip-on BagPass
6BD971 Emilia WhiteCrafts03 Ages 13-15Silver RainPass
74F96C Emilia WhiteCrafts03 Ages 13-15Notebook CoverPass
6218B1 Katie GladdingCrafts03 Ages 13-15Silver Bezel and AmethystPass
825791 Mia FongCrafts03 Ages 13-15Bags to Trash to TreasurePass
7B762C Nick GladdingCrafts03 Ages 13-15Petrified PendantPass
5FEE8B Lindsay SiudaraCrafts04 Ages 16-18Soapstone catPass
4CD5DC Ryan ZhangCrafts04 Ages 16-18Through the WoodsPass
951148 Ryan ZhangCrafts04 Ages 16-18Roaring BeastPass
BAC7BB alexa ZhangDigital Art01 Ages 5-9ChickenPass
D9C1D8 Alexa ZhangDigital Art01 Ages 5-9Watercolor EffectPass
E1DF7E Alexa ZhangDigital Art01 Ages 5-9FrostPass
05E103 Sydney GardnerDigital Art02 Ages 10-12Plum WolfPass
699A05 Sydney GardnerDigital Art02 Ages 10-12Darktail & RainPass
9F4535 Sydney GardnerDigital Art02 Ages 10-12Angel vs DemonPass
036E3D Alex BersaminDigital Art03 Ages 13-15View of the HalberdPass
88EE0C Alexandra RiveraDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Marilyn Monroe PortraitPass
4BCCCE Austin Taddie-HayesDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Captain America Movie PosterPass
D89BF3 Brock borradoriDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Justice League Movie PosterPass
9FAEFC Claire DoranDigital Art03 Ages 13-15RED CATPass
E914B2 Claire DoranDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Flourescent AdolescentPass
F7B333 clayton BoenDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Football posterPass
FF956A Darren RomineDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Self PortraitPass
4033BA Elizabeth TangDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Self PortraitPass
764406 Enoch Mattsson BozeDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Self PortraitPass
DAA0E4 Jacob NavarroDigital Art03 Ages 13-15HawkPass
E6E2E6 Jason BrackettDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Captain America Movie PosterPass
0FE802 Jason ValdezDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Soccer GeometryPass
667D28 Jude PrettolDigital Art03 Ages 13-15UntitledPass
EB3D30 Luci ColumboDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Self PortaitPass
047CE7 Marc GardnerDigital Art03 Ages 13-15And I Could not Ask for MorePass
8A65E7 Marc GardnerDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Oh Its a Big Old Place for MePass
BC86C2 Marc GardnerDigital Art03 Ages 13-15But Im a Creep, Im a WeirdoPass
5CF8A1 Misty KanadyDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Golden Hawk Vector DrawingPass
FEDEE9 Patrick OslundDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Chance poly portraitPass
48C977 Sefiah NemrDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Self PortraitPass
B91B1A Tiffany AielloDigital Art03 Ages 13-15Kitten at HeartPass
5E4D8A Trinity MillerDigital Art03 Ages 13-15My Chemical RomancePass
72C301 Adoree TanDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Shrouded in BlossomsPass
E7A89C Allen BaybayanDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Thinking about BroccoliPass
6ADD70 Amy HungDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Dissapearing ActPass
54485C Andre MartinezDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Andres Design EnterprisePass
A464B1 Andrew KhadvongsinhDigital Art04 Ages 16-18FrootPass
DA2950 Andrew StefaniDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Self PortraitPass
FCF253 Austin KranrodDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Geometric Graphic DesignsPass
D48699 Camille BautistaDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Self PortraitPass
BD0D66 Danielle DrislaneDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Anti-social MediaPass
D25FF0 Danielle DrislaneDigital Art04 Ages 16-18VanityPass
EC404F Danielle DrislaneDigital Art04 Ages 16-18On My SleevePass
75D848 Han TrinhDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Halsey VectorPass
DCA453 Hannah CaiDigital Art04 Ages 16-18A Modern KandinskyPass
60C622 Hannah McFaddenDigital Art04 Ages 16-18The Things We SeePass
ACEB48 Hudeer KhanDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Future HomePass
F17B10 Jacob MarlerDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Eye StylePass
96C91C Joaquin LopezDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Self PortraitPass
1C7B39 Jourieal QuisinDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Modern PortraitPass
FFDACB Kevin LugoDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Shooting StarPass
B3C14F Kristen YuDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Dream FireworksPass
19BE65 Kristin ParulanDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Hope Takes FlightPass
B980B7 Lee XiongDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Colorful Salvador DaliPass
B12CF8 Licelle YuzonDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Golf Fall/WinterPass
50A8CB Marc TafoyaDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Camaro 5th GenPass
5CADD2 Marissa HongDigital Art04 Ages 16-18The Bluest Windy CityPass
BAD88A Mel WangDigital Art04 Ages 16-18UntitledPass
F580E4 Mel WangDigital Art04 Ages 16-18ovenPass
6E60FE Misti ThaoDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Patrick Starr Vector ArtPass
0B677A Robert AgsaoDigital Art04 Ages 16-18The Face of ArchitecturePass
606B1E Sahil KumarDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Shatter RealityPass
65D60D Samuel MangesDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Sing About MePass
7A2C7D Sinathy ChinDigital Art04 Ages 16-18ReplicaPass
BE6C14 Staci EarlDigital Art04 Ages 16-18SkullsPass
E4F371 Tristan CooneyDigital Art04 Ages 16-18UntitledPass
829A71 Vannesa FloresDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Self PortaitPass
3DBD37 Wyatt EvansDigital Art04 Ages 16-18Drew Brees IllustrationPass
117195 Alexa ZhangDivision01 Ages 5-9CatPass
A643A0 Ryan RuffoniDrafting – Architectural04 Ages 16-18Ruffoni ResidencePass
4878B3 Arianna HerreraDrafting – Mechanical03 Ages 13-15Whirlybird WhiplashPass
02E3AF Kadon ChanDrafting – Mechanical03 Ages 13-15Alpha RexPass
BC25FC Ryan LargoDrafting – Mechanical03 Ages 13-15CadculatorPass
5AA573 Alex JohnstonDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18AT-ATPass
4E1133 Blake HoustonDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Tactile TypingPass
49B62F Calvin WongDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Arming the YoungstersPass
51E98B Carter BrownDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Red MustangPass
F0253B Chloe Leanne AgustinDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Robotic DogPass
DDA511 Christopher MeansDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Alarm ClockPass
47E3B9 Curtis ReevesDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18N64 Controller Game On!Pass
8CE1E8 Elizabeth GorelovaDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Bugatti ChironPass
C2BB47 Elizabeth GorelovaDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Bugatti Type 35Pass
958824 Jacquelyne EscobedoDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Grid Sketch: 1932 BentleyPass
9394CB Jaskaran ThiaraDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Wii Remote and Nun-ChuckPass
08F435 Khoi TranDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18RGM-79D Cold DistrictsPass
CB163C Lydia MatsuedaDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Sky Rover BanditPass
0AC276 Michael LameraDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Tiger Shark PlanePass
F60403 Michael WeijnschenkDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Forced InductionPass
3268DA Mike LamDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Mikes InstrumentPass
2E1E82 Nathan Van DukerDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Guitar PedalPass
1C56D1 Niccolo RyanDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Filmosonic XL, 1980s Film CamPass
AB432B Nicholas ArmatysDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Grid sketchPass
3D90F4 Nicolas ArriagaDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Electric RockerPass
4CCAAD Ricky BhullarDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18The BlenderPass
1B11A9 Ryan Long TranDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Hybrid CommutingPass
59E295 Tony BilanDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18On The ProwlPass
90EE4D Viliami CockerDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Listen CloselyPass
B87D00 Warren KisselDrafting – Mechanical04 Ages 16-18Jeepers CreepersPass
6B005F ASIF SHEIKHDrafting Plans with Hand-built Models02 Ages 10-12alarm housePass
FD69CF Jenna PetriDrafting Plans with Hand-built Models03 Ages 13-15Mountain GreeneryPass
E122F8 Caitlin ProvencalDrafting Plans with Hand-built Models04 Ages 16-18Provencal ManorPass
50A6B0 Charissa PayneDrafting Plans with Hand-built Models04 Ages 16-18Proposed Payne ResidencePass
F25848 Christian Anthony FacundoDrafting Plans with Hand-built Models04 Ages 16-18Proposed Facundo ResidencePass
38AACB Oak Ridge High School [Team/Company]Drafting Plans with Hand-built Models04 Ages 16-18Allura Ski ResortPass
77D2CD Caleb TerstegenElectronics02 Ages 10-12Lego Mind storm kitPass
FFB0CC Neha SethiElectronics03 Ages 13-15Alert SystemPass
AAD5D5 Guadalupe BernalElectronics04 Ages 16-18Autonomous Off-Road VehiclePass
F57836 Jacob GarretttEngineering- X Factor – Other03 Ages 13-15Presentation DrawingPass
BA46A0 Max RamirezEngineering- X Factor – Other03 Ages 13-15Presentation DrawingPass
F60289 Adam ShoffEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
875223 Aerinelle BeckerEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
06B6E2 Aidee RiosEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
3414B2 Aleksandra TomaylyEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
A5B46C Alex PiersonEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
97F234 Andrea Vargas ZerpaEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
DA46BD Ashlynn BaldwinEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
589D1F Averitt JohnsEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
E09E53 Avery GradyEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
17BB9A Bayley OwensEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
7E879C Brandon MezquirizEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
185005 Breeyanna N RoweEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
F3E60A Cameron RiddleEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
62FA20 Carolyn ManleyEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
D461EE Claire BraemerEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
9C1FF4 Dakota BarnettEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
B5CBC6 David HamlinEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
93803F Dylan ChowEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
60ECCA Dylan TippingsEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
165D71 Emily WeilEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
5648E2 Emilyanne ElrodEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
F57A87 Forest TuellerEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
B59658 Gracie BendaEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
DD7A21 Jack GillespieEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
90FAEB Jake CarterEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
621A93 Jordan McKenzieEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
8E8755 Jordyn FreshourEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
35A424 Kacie WagnerEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
6EEB37 Karley ArmstrongEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
E4BA28 Katherine KleveEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
51E86E Katrina WinterburnEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
2ABFF6 Marissa HillEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
D72BC7 Megan HendersonEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
802029 Nathan WatkinsEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
922D31 Nicole JacksonEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
E4D02C Olivia NilgesEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
95ACB1 Sabrina BeldenEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
A2D13F Shaylynn LeeEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
B0E0A5 Thomas TriantafyllouEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
790CF6 Timothy RodriguezEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
B3E662 Troy chandleyEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
5F7C58 Vanessa SpanEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
DB32DB Zach StaplesEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
42CD5B Zachary BrownEngineering- X Factor – Other04 Ages 16-18Presentation DrawingPass
115B6A Jack BertramMetalwork03 Ages 13-15Upcycled Water FountainPass
A387B4 Steven OlingerModels & Miniature01 Ages 5-9Seaside PartyPass
68335E Jacqueline PrawiraScience Project02 Ages 10-12Rice PlasticityPass
86F034 Khadeeja BaquiScience Project02 Ages 10-12Dirt Into Fuel Using BacteriaPass
02D426 Andrew NazarethScience Project03 Ages 13-15Cell Phone RadiationPass
A7537A Elizabeth KravtchenkoScience Project03 Ages 13-15How Math Helped an AthletePass
C7CAD4 Michelle NazarethScience Project03 Ages 13-15ASD Alert!Pass
C55163 Phoenix RumbaughScience Project03 Ages 13-15Clam Coat versus AcidificationPass
FFE17B Sabeeha BaquiScience Project03 Ages 13-15Efficient Water ElectrolysisPass
3CE1C8 Catherine ColellaScience Project04 Ages 16-18Study of Parabolic ReflectorsPass
36719D Riya RampalliScience Project04 Ages 16-18Green Crab InvasionPass
FCEA2C Teevyah Yuva RajuScience Project04 Ages 16-18Reversal of Drought HarmsPass
1F3B00 Autumn VillanuevaSewing & Needlework01 Ages 5-9Winter Bird Wall HangingPass
707F8D Julia GarciaSewing & Needlework01 Ages 5-9Cherry LemonadePass
569FDC Audrey MeyerSewing & Needlework02 Ages 10-12Mermaid Tail BlanketPass
BD0AB9 Cambria BartlettSewing & Needlework02 Ages 10-12Golden LotusPass
927269 Chloe GarciaSewing & Needlework02 Ages 10-12Farm Girl At HeartPass
A5F822 Gianna VaccarezzaSewing & Needlework02 Ages 10-12Girls Dress in Yellow EyeletPass
B2F457 Grace CordeiroSewing & Needlework02 Ages 10-12Pink Heart QuillowPass
65659E Jaden EsquivelSewing & Needlework02 Ages 10-12Lovely LavenderPass
7BE994 Lillian BarcellosSewing & Needlework02 Ages 10-12Plaid jacket & lavender dressPass
437637 ASIF SHEIKHSewing & Needlework03 Ages 13-15pillow casePass
94B482 Caitlin WelchSewing & Needlework03 Ages 13-15Beach BagPass
CA5771 Dustin L GeringerSewing & Needlework03 Ages 13-153 pc Wool OutfitPass
14555E Gracie TuckerSewing & Needlework03 Ages 13-15Marys Wedding DressPass
3DD5B1 Hailey FalkSewing & Needlework03 Ages 13-15Snailed It!Pass
790CC6 Hailey FalkSewing & Needlework03 Ages 13-15Banjo the PuppyPass
F18112 Hailey FalkSewing & Needlework03 Ages 13-15Baxter Bear Finds a Honey PotPass
44F499 Sophia KeskeysSewing & Needlework03 Ages 13-15Cranberry WarmthPass
CA4F4D Sydney WeaverSewing & Needlework03 Ages 13-15Volleyball QuiltPass
D51F40 Sydney WeaverSewing & Needlework03 Ages 13-15Double D Cattle CompanyPass
ADF9FB Beth HornSewing & Needlework04 Ages 16-18Autism AwarenessPass
551469 Erin EvansSewing & Needlework04 Ages 16-18Black Evening DressPass
8E3BEA Erin EvansSewing & Needlework04 Ages 16-18Busy BeesPass
BE751E Erin EvansSewing & Needlework04 Ages 16-18Very CherryPass
CE6C24 Hannah NorrishSewing & Needlework04 Ages 16-18Child ApronPass
D0F413 Hannah NorrishSewing & Needlework04 Ages 16-18Anchors AwayPass
BE50A5 Isabel SellingSewing & Needlework04 Ages 16-18Steampunk SkirtPass
FACA86 Isabel SellingSewing & Needlework04 Ages 16-18Steampunk JacketPass
9BB653 Natalia KimmelshueSewing & Needlework04 Ages 16-18Nats Blazin Bomber Jacket!Pass
F73D30 Reyna BeiSewing & Needlework04 Ages 16-18GrowthPass
B59802 Valarie CheplickSewing & Needlework04 Ages 16-18Buttons on a QuiltPass
C80ACD Sharon Tiner Sue FosterTeam Project – Art01 Ages 5-9Freaky Fun First Grade FrogsPass
638769 Tracy KnopfTeam Project – Art01 Ages 5-9Columbia 4th of July ParadePass
3A7059 Mrs. Halsey’s 4th Grade Class [Team/Company]Team Project – Art02 Ages 10-12Colorful CaliforniaPass
B96055 C.K.McClatchy VAPA Department [Team/Company]Team Project – Art03 Ages 13-15VAPA Compassion ProjectPass
06EEA2 Michael WozniakTeam Project – Art03 Ages 13-15HillsideFlixPass
298226 St Mel School [Team/Company]Team Project – Art03 Ages 13-15Our Rendition of Starry NightPass
E528E4 St Mel School [Team/Company]Team Project – Art03 Ages 13-15Our Rendition of Starry NightPass
98556A Matthew AbbeTeam Project – Art04 Ages 16-18ImbuePass
6F36B8 TPP 2016 [Team/Company]Team Project – Art04 Ages 16-18Finding OurselvesPass
1BAA88 Girl Scout 1990 [Team/Company]Team Project – Science01 Ages 5-9Composting: way to recyclePass
07FCE6 Akshara LegalaTeam Project – Science03 Ages 13-15Greywater FiltrationPass
A52372 Gilberto DamianVideo03 Ages 13-15Plain Rivalry PreviewPass
0CCF9C Adoree TanVideo04 Ages 16-18BottlePass
4181D4 Arren NounVideo04 Ages 16-18Under the bedPass
AD7A99 Brandon ThaoVideo04 Ages 16-18FreezingPass
9B221C Bunloung TornVideo04 Ages 16-18Nightmare & RealityPass
866FBE Carlos DuronVideo04 Ages 16-18FSocietyPass
C961B3 Dale IvieVideo04 Ages 16-183D Animation: Russian MoonbasePass
6AA1C6 Erin MittmannVideo04 Ages 16-18Nothing Gold Can StayPass
0F711B Holly ChengVideo04 Ages 16-18Caged BirdPass
DE5652 Jourieal QuisinVideo04 Ages 16-18InsanityPass
4C2A06 Michael EdgarVideo04 Ages 16-18The Happiest Place On EarthPass
36ED02 Michelle QuanVideo04 Ages 16-18A Bag of SadnessPass
119659 Aidan PearsonWoodwork03 Ages 13-15Contemporary Coffee TablePass
2F6656 Angel LermaWoodwork03 Ages 13-15Maple End TablePass
8CD1F9 Ben PowersWoodwork03 Ages 13-15Bandsaw BoxPass
B3005B Brightan YingWoodwork03 Ages 13-15Bandsaw BoxPass
DACEE8 Camryn SullivanWoodwork03 Ages 13-15Cutting BoardPass
DE3C89 Daniel SolimanWoodwork03 Ages 13-15Walnut Wall TablePass
489B44 Julia ParsonsWoodwork03 Ages 13-15Turtle BoxPass
C61DD5 Maya CamposWoodwork03 Ages 13-15Elephant DoorPass
48728C Riley WeberWoodwork03 Ages 13-15Walnut WAll/Wine TablePass
ABC364 Thomas McGuireWoodwork03 Ages 13-15Cutting BoardPass
DB6620 Andrew KimballWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Chess TablePass
E2759B Andrew KimballWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Bandsaw BoxPass
AAC50B Andrew SalafarWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Cherry Coffee TablePass
C0C563 Audrey MooreWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Bandsaw BoxPass
E8FFF0 Bobby PooleWoodwork04 Ages 16-18BowlPass
553B66 Carlos MarquezWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Oak Toy ChestPass
2F3511 Christofer Adair Castellanos MoralesWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Cherry Curio CabinetPass
71975D Daniel MillanWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Cherry End TablePass
61077E Darius Beal and Anthony Borchers [Team/Company]Woodwork04 Ages 16-18Segmented BowlPass
A9C031 Destiny HurtadoWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Walnut Coffee TablePass
DF9284 Enrique Pineda LopezWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Oak End TablePass
33EBB9 Getsemani FrancoWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Walnut Blanket ChestPass
3DD409 Isaiah BlancasWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Walnut Coffee TablePass
FD3566 Jaymes FusickWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Mr. ClockPass
BA0457 Josh PerezWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Maple Coffee TablePass
94A1BD Justice FelixWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Walnut Coffee TablePass
D9C112 Nick WolfordWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Bandsaw BoxPass
32E059 Osvaldo FraustoWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Cherry DresserPass
48152D Peyton MantyWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Wood BowlPass
94754A RJ AburtoWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Oak End TablePass
A9EAA8 Sydni GordonWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Shark ChairPass
354CE5 William RackWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Wood BowlPass
0A15EF Yahaira RenteriaWoodwork04 Ages 16-18Walnut Dresser ArmoirePass