Canning & Baking Competition 2023 Results

First NameLast NameDivisionClass DescriptionTitlePlace
LaurenLiberoSoft SpreadCurdPassionfruit CurdBest of Show
GregWalkerSpecialty JamPeppered JamMango Pineapple Habanero JamBest of Show
JamesAustinFruit & Berry JellyFruit JellyPrickly Pear JellyBest of Show
ValerieFongPickled CucumbersRelishBBQ RelishBest of Show
ValerieFongSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkyBruschetta SalsaBest of Show
ShawnUlamLeavened BreadSourdough Bread With AdditionsBAL-Sourdough BreadBest of Show
GaryKennedyRefrigerated CakeAny Other Refrigerated CakeElegant Chocolate RaspberryBest of Show
May YukYeePastryRefrigerated PastryStrawberry ChouxBest of Show
GaryKennedyBakers ConfectionsCake ConfectionsPetite FourBest of Show
JaneDe LeonCookiesShaped CookiesMango Cardamom CookiesBest of Show
TrishaKristofDecorated CookiesThemed Cookie SetPool PartyBest of Show
JamesShortDried MeatBeef JerkyTeriyaki Beef JerkyBest of Show
KylieNelsonYouth JamAge 16 to 18Pineapple JamBest of Show
GabrielLangYouth Pickles & RelishAge 10 to 12Spicy Pickled AsparagusBest of Show
JuliaWagnerYouth CakeAge 16 to 18Chocolate Peanut Butter BlissBest of Show
GraceMartinYouth CookiesAge 5 to 9Chocolate Chip CookiesBest of Show
GabrielLangYouth Decorated CakeAge 10 to 12Tree Stump CakeBest of Show
JamesAustinBerry JamMixed Berry JamWonderberry JamBest of Division
SueWhiteFruit JamFruit Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerPeach Pineapple Jam with RumBest of Division
SherryBlunkFruit & Berry JamMixed Fruit & Berry JamBerry Cherry JamBest of Division
SueWhiteSpecialty JellyJelly with Wine, Spirits or BeerTequila/Lime JellyBest of Division
TrishaKristofFrosted CakeFrosted CakeTree StumpBest of Division
MarsiAtkinsonUnfrosted CakeFruit or Citrus CakeYou’re the ZestBest of Division
StephanieGoodlettSpecialty CakeCoffee Cake – Non-RefrigeratedSour Cream CoffeecakeBest of Division
MarsiAtkinsonRefrigerated PieCream PieHippy Pie YayBest of Division
TimBonannoChocolate ConfectionsChocolate FudgeChocolate Coffee FudgeBest of Division
GaryKennedySugar ConfectionsCaramelsCaramels w/Black Lava SaltBest of Division
CarolynBonannoBrowniesAny Other BrowniesMocha BrowniesBest of Division
TrishaKristofDecorated CakeTiered CakeTiered GardenBest of Division
PatriciaShortDried ProduceHerbsBay LeafBest of Division
IsabelleArnaudYouth JellyAge 5 to 9Redbud JellyBest of Division
CameySearsYouth Tomato & FruitAge 13 to 15Apple Pie FillingBest of Division
Delaney And HunterYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 16 to 18Sweet and Spicy Barbecue SauceBest of Division
JosephLovrinYouth BreadAge 13 to 15Goat Cheese & Olive BreadBest of Division
JuliaWagnerYouth Decorated CupcakesAge 16 to 18Cactus CupcakesBest of Division
EstrellaGomezPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherBloody Mary Celery SticksBest of Divison
JamesAustinFlavored VinegarFlavored VinegarBlueberry Basil VinegarBest of Divison
SherryBlunkSauceCondiment SauceCherry Vanilla SauceBest of Divison
AmyCromwellQuick BreadNut and/or Fruit BreadBest Banana BreadBest of Divison
JuliaWagnerYouth Decorated CookiesAge 16 to 18Flower CookiesBest of Divison
ValerieFongBerry JamBerry Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerRaspberry Disaronno JamBest of Class
ValerieFongBerry JamStrawberry JamStrawberry JamBest of Class
WendiePhillipsBerry JamSingle Berry JamBlueberry JamBest of Class
AnnaStarrFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – PeachPretty PeachyBest of Class
GregWalkerFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Stone FruitApricot JamBest of Class
SueWhiteFruit JamMixed Fruit JamApricot Pineapple JamBest of Class
AmandaJohnsonSpecialty JamAny Other JamCherry Jam with Almond ExtractBest of Class
JamesAustinSpecialty JamSpiced JamPeach Basil JamBest of Class
LolaRossSpecialty JamLow Sugar JamLow Sugar Peach Pie JamBest of Class
BenjaminCalnonFruit & Berry JellyBerry JellyManzanita JellyBest of Class
FrederickBennettFruit & Berry JellyPomegranate JellyPomegranate JellyBest of Class
JamesAustinFruit & Berry JellyMixed Fruit & Berry JellyStrawberry Peach JamBest of Class
SueWhiteSpecialty JellyAny Other JellyCinnamon Apple Cider JellyBest of Class
GregWalkerSoft SpreadPreservesApricot PreservesBest of Class
May YukYeeSoft SpreadAny Other MarmaladeOrange Blossom MarmaladeBest of Class
May YukYeeSoft SpreadCitrus MarmaladeMeyer Lemon MarmaladeBest of Class
May YukYeeSoft SpreadOrange MarmaladeMoro Blood Orange MarmaladeBest of Class
SueWhiteSoft SpreadConservesBrandy Peach ConserveBest of Class
EricLindbergPickled CucumbersDill (not spicy)Dill PicklesBest of Class
JamesAustinPickled CucumbersSweetBread & Butter PicklesBest of Class
JustinDavisPickled CucumbersOtherPicklesBest of Class
JamesAustinPickled Fruits & VegetablesDill (not spicy)Dilly Brussel SproutsBest of Class
JamesAustinPickled Fruits & VegetablesSweetSweet Pickled JalapenosBest of Class
KennethSalaSauceTomato SauceBraising SauceBest of Class
LauraBellSauceBBQ SauceCherry Sriracha BBQ SauceBest of Class
MonicaOhtaSalsaNon-Tomato SalsaSalsa SalsaBest of Class
ErwinTamLeavened BreadWhite or Wheat – PlainFoccaciaBest of Class
GaryKennedyLeavened BreadAny Other Leavened BreadBacon, Potato & Chive BreadBest of Class
JaneDe LeonLeavened BreadWhole Grain Bread – PlainButtermilk Whole Wheat BreadBest of Class
KarenWellsLeavened BreadSourdough Bread – PlainSourdough BaguetteBest of Class
StuartDummitLeavened BreadBread With AdditionsRosemary and Garlic FocacciaBest of Class
WilliamWilsonLeavened BreadBuns & RollsSweet Dinner RollsBest of Class
LindsayMossQuick BreadSconesButter Citrus SconesBest of Class
RichAldenQuick BreadMuffinsStingers Up-Stone Fruit MuffinBest of Class
StephanieGoodlettUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeApplesauce-Pistachio BundtBest of Class
ChrisCaldwell-CollinsRefrigerated CakeCheesecakeBasque Burnt CheesecakeBest of Class
LisaCohenSpecialty CakeAny Other Specialty Cake ItemLe Gateau VertBest of Class
MarsiAtkinsonSpecialty CakeCupcakesCoconuts About ThisBest of Class
ElenaPerezRefrigerated PieAny Other Refrigerated PiePeanut Butter S’mores PieBest of Class
GaryKennedyRefrigerated PieCustard PieSweet Potato Pecan PieBest of Class
PatriciaRohrerRefrigerated PieTart or TartletsFresh Fruit TartBest of Class
AlisonLittleNon-Refrigerated PieDouble Crust PieBerry PieBest of Class
GaryKennedyNon-Refrigerated PieTart or TartletsChocolate Caramel and Nut TartBest of Class
MarsiAtkinsonNon-Refrigerated PieSingle Crust PieIt’s Pie O’clock SomewhereBest of Class
CarolynBonannoChocolate ConfectionsTruffles (Genache Only)Chocolatey TrufflesBest of Class
JennineQuiringChocolate ConfectionsFilled ChocolatesCherry DelightBest of Class
MicheleMcCoyChocolate ConfectionsAny Other Chocolate ConfectionWine Dark ChocolateBest of Class
MariePicancoBakers ConfectionsFrench MacaronsStrawberry ChampagneBest of Class
CarolynBonannoSugar ConfectionsFudge (Non-Chocolate)Maple Pecan FudgeBest of Class
DavidAmaralSugar ConfectionsBrittleChinese Five Spice Cashew BritBest of Class
MonicaHernandezSugar ConfectionsAny Other Sugar ConfectionSalted Caramel Puffed RiceBest of Class
MaggieChuiCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherSiracha on EverythingBest of Class
MariaPerezCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Traditional (no nuts)Yummy-licious CookiesBest of Class
MarsiAtkinsonCookiesAny Other CookiesRootin’ Tootin’ no GlutenBest of Class
NataliaOcampoCookiesDrop Cookies, Fruit and/or NutPeanut Butter MadnessBest of Class
RachelYoungCookiesBar CookiesLemon BarsBest of Class
WilliamWilsonCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherNutty Chocolate Chip CookiesBest of Class
CarolynBonannoBrowniesChocolate BrowniesAmazing BrowniesBest of Class
JennineQuiringDecorated CookiesUniform CookiesButterflyBest of Class
BerniceDommerDried ProduceFruit & TomatoesPersimmonsBest of Class
CasonWelchYouth JamAge 10 to 12Strawberry Mango JamBest of Class
IsabelleArnaudYouth JamAge 5 to 9Black Raspberry JamBest of Class
OliverVan GelderYouth JamAge 13 to 15Strawberry JamBest of Class
CameySearsYouth JellyAge 13 to 15Blackberry JellyBest of Class
GabrielLangYouth JellyAge 10 to 12Plum JellyBest of Class
MorganEvansYouth JellyAge 16 to 18Orange JellyBest of Class
MorganEvansYouth Tomato & FruitAge 16 to 18Apple SauceBest of Class
Alexis Yount And Kylie HoggeYouth Pickles & RelishAge 13 to 15Dill PicklesBest of Class
MorganEvansYouth Pickles & RelishAge 16 to 18Crunchy Dill PicklesBest of Class
SofiaDumaligYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 5 to 9Yummy Garden SalsaBest of Class
AinaPerezYouth BreadAge 16 to 18ConchasBest of Class
IrelynKennedyYouth BreadAge 10 to 12Dinner RollsBest of Class
ZoeyOfiliYouth BreadAge 5 to 9Quick BreadBest of Class
AthenaMooreYouth CakeAge 10 to 12Snickerdoodle CupcakeBest of Class
DahliaLovrinYouth CakeAge 5 to 9Lemon Poppyseed Bundt CakeBest of Class
JuliaWagnerYouth PieAge 16 to 18Cookies & Cream Decadence PieBest of Class
IrelynKennedyYouth CookiesAge 10 to 12Chocolate Crinkle CookiesBest of Class
JuliaWagnerYouth CookiesAge 16 to 18S’mores CookiesBest of Class
JuliannaGarnerYouth CookiesAge 13 to 15Oreo Pudding CookiesBest of Class
JuliaWagnerYouth Decorated CakeAge 16 to 18Vintage MagicBest of Class
KristinaKristofYouth Decorated CakeAge 13 to 15Candle CakeBest of Class
AlyssaHuangYouth Decorated CupcakesAge 13 to 15Floral Sunrise CupcakesBest of Class
MorganBootheGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverBuche de NoelBest Decorated
JuliaWagnerYouth Guittard’s Junior Chocolate PassionAges 12 to 18Mocha Mania CakeBest Decorated
AmandaJohnsonBerry JamStrawberry JamStrawberry Jam1
AnnaStarrBerry JamStrawberry JamStrawberry Jam1
GregWalkerBerry JamMixed Berry JamStrawberry Blueberry Jam1
JamesAustinBerry JamStrawberry JamStrawberry Jam1
KierstaHotchkissBerry JamBlackberry JamBlackberry1
LaurieRichardsonBerry JamStrawberry JamStrawberry Jam1
NeilItoBerry JamStrawberry JamOrganic Strawberry Jam1
PatriciaShortBerry JamMixed Berry JamMixed Berry Jam1
PatriciaShortBerry JamSingle Berry JamRaspberry Jam1
ValerieFongBerry JamBerry Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerBerry Medley Grand Marnier Jam1
WendiePhillipsBerry JamStrawberry JamStrawberry Jam1
AdrianaGorhamFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Stone FruitApricot Jam1
AmandaJohnsonFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Stone FruitCherry Jam1
CherylLevineFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Stone FruitSpring Apricot1
DeborahOndrickaFruit JamFruit Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerCherry Amaretto1
DeborahOndrickaFruit JamMixed Fruit JamBlueberry Peach1
GregWalkerFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – PeachPeach Jam1
JamesAustinFruit JamFruit Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerCherry Brandy Jam1
JamesAustinFruit JamFruit Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerPrickly Pear Mojito & Rum1
JamesAustinFruit JamFruit Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerRaspberry Chambord Jam1
JamesAustinFruit JamMixed Fruit JamLemon Blueberry Jam1
JamesAustinFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – PeachWhite Peach Jam1
JamesAustinFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Stone FruitApricot Jam1
JanRosenbergFruit JamFruit Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerPeach Brandy Jam1
KarenBrookhyserFruit JamFruit Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerPeachy Plum Jam w Peach Liqueur1
LisaTobiasFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Stone FruitBlenheim Apricot Jam1
MimiBohmFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Stone FruitSour Cherry Jam1
MonicaHernandezFruit JamMixed Fruit JamTangy Apricot & Cherry1
MonicaOhtaFruit JamMixed Fruit JamApricot/Pineapple1
NeilItoFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Stone FruitApricot Jam1
PatriciaShortFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Any Other FruitLoquat Jam1
PeterMillsapFruit JamMixed Fruit JamCherry-Peach Jam1
PeterMillsapFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Stone FruitCherry Jam1
SherryBlunkFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Stone FruitCherry Jam1
SueWhiteFruit JamMixed Fruit JamApricot/Peach/Mango Jam1
ValerieFongFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Stone FruitCherry Jam1
DeborahOndrickaFruit & Berry JamMixed Fruit & Berry JamStrawberry Orange1
GregWalkerFruit & Berry JamMixed Fruit & Berry JamStrawberry Mango Jam1
JamesAustinFruit & Berry JamMixed Fruit & Berry JamBlueberry Fig Jam1
JamesAustinFruit & Berry JamMixed Fruit & Berry JamMango & Raspberry Jam1
NicholasSalleFruit & Berry JamMixed Fruit & Berry JamVery Berry Jam1
SueWhiteFruit & Berry JamMixed Fruit & Berry JamPineapple/Strawberry Jam1
ValerieFongFruit & Berry JamMixed Fruit & Berry JamMango Marion Blackberry Jam1
WendiePhillipsFruit & Berry JamMixed Fruit & Berry JamStrawberry Rhubarb Jam1
AnneVer Steeg AndersonSpecialty JamAny Other JamRaspberry Orange Zest Jam1
AnneVer Steeg AndersonSpecialty JamAny Other JamRhubarb Vanilla Jam1
DeborahOndrickaSpecialty JamAny Other JamStrawberry Balsamic1
JamesAustinSpecialty JamAny Other JamRed Onion & Cranberry1
JamesAustinSpecialty JamPeppered JamPeach Habanero1
JamesAustinSpecialty JamPeppered JamPineapple Jalapeno Jam1
JanRosenbergSpecialty JamPeppered JamSweet Pepper Jam1
JessicaSchneidereitSpecialty JamPeppered JamCarolina Reaper Hot Pepper Jam1
JohnBresslerSpecialty JamSpiced JamStrawKiwiGinger jam1
KarenBrookhyserSpecialty JamSpiced JamSpiced Plum Jam1
KathleenWymerSpecialty JamPeppered JamApricot Habanero Jam1
LauraBellSpecialty JamAny Other JamBrown Butter Peach Jam1
LaurenLiberoSpecialty JamAny Other JamStrawberry Vanilla Jam1
LeslieJonesSpecialty JamAny Other JamBing Cherry with Vanilla1
LeslieJonesSpecialty JamLow Sugar JamApricot1
LolaRossSpecialty JamLow Sugar JamLow Sugar Blackberry-Raspberry1
LolaRossSpecialty JamLow Sugar JamLow Sugar Mixed Citrus Jam1
LolaRossSpecialty JamLow Sugar JamLow Sugar Peach Melba Jam1
LolaRossSpecialty JamLow Sugar JamLow Sugar Raspberry Jam1
LolaRossSpecialty JamLow Sugar JamLow Sugar Strawberry Jam1
LolaRossSpecialty JamLow Sugar JamLow Sugar Strawberry Pie Jam1
May YukYeeSpecialty JamAny Other JamZesty Strawberry Blossom Jam1
PatriciaShortSpecialty JamSpiced JamLoquat Spiced Jam1
PerlaCuellarSpecialty JamSpiced JamMulberry Cardamom Jam1
SherryBlunkSpecialty JamPeppered JamGreen Pepper Jam1
SherryBlunkSpecialty JamSpiced JamApple Pie Jam1
TammyBennettSpecialty JamSpiced JamJam1
ValerieFongSpecialty JamAny Other JamBalsamic Tomato Basil Jam1
ValerieFongSpecialty JamAny Other JamMarion Blackberry Lemon Zest Jam1
ValerieFongSpecialty JamAny Other JamRaspberry Lemon Zest Jam1
ValerieFongSpecialty JamAny Other JamSpiced Cherry Jam1
ValerieFongSpecialty JamAny Other JamStrawberry Balsamic Vinegar Jam1
ValerieFongSpecialty JamAny Other JamStrawberry Basil Jam1
ValerieFongSpecialty JamAny Other JamStrawberry Lemon Zest Jam1
AmandaJohnsonFruit & Berry JellyFruit JellyBag of Lemons Jelly1
AmandaJohnsonFruit & Berry JellyPomegranate JellyPomegranate Jelly1
DarrylBoykinsFruit & Berry JellyFruit JellyBlood Orange Jelly1
DeborahPeirceFruit & Berry JellyBerry JellyElderberry Jelly1
JamesAustinFruit & Berry JellyFruit JellyCherry Apple Jelly1
JamesAustinFruit & Berry JellyPomegranate JellyPomegrante Jelly1
JenniferBorgesFruit & Berry JellyFruit JellyWatermelon Peach Jelly1
JenniferBorgesFruit & Berry JellyMixed Fruit & Berry JellyBlackberry Pomegranate Jelly1
JessicaSchneidereitFruit & Berry JellyFruit JellyPlum Jelly1
JillAnchordoguyFruit & Berry JellyPomegranate JellyPomegranate Jelly1
Lane FamilyFruit & Berry JellyPomegranate JellyPomegranate Jelly1
May YukYeeFruit & Berry JellyBerry JellyBlue Elderberry Jelly1
PatriciaShortFruit & Berry JellyPomegranate JellyPomegranate Jelly1
RodneyPalmerFruit & Berry JellyFruit JellyBlood Orange Jelly1
SherryBlunkFruit & Berry JellyFruit JellyWatermelon Jelly1
SueDamroFruit & Berry JellyPomegranate JellyPomegranate jelly1
WendiePhillipsFruit & Berry JellyFruit JellyCherry Jelly1
AmandaJohnsonSpecialty JellyAny Other JellyLow Sugar Pomegranate Jelly1
AmandaJohnsonSpecialty JellyJelly with Wine, Spirits or BeerDay at the Pub Jelly1
AmandaJohnsonSpecialty JellyJelly with Wine, Spirits or BeerRosé All Day Jelly1
AmandaJohnsonSpecialty JellyJelly with Wine, Spirits or BeerXMAS Party Jelly1
DarrylBoykinsSpecialty JellyJelly with Wine, Spirits or BeerZinfandel Wine Jelly1
JamesAustinSpecialty JellyJelly with Wine, Spirits or BeerPerky Red Wine Jelly1
JamesAustinSpecialty JellyPeppered JellySerrano Jelly1
JohnBresslerSpecialty JellyAny Other JellySour Cherry Vanilla jelly1
LeslieJonesSpecialty JellyJelly with Wine, Spirits or BeerAperol Spritz Jelly1
MarcWilliamsSpecialty JellyPeppered JellyHabanero Jelly1
MimiBohmSpecialty JellyPeppered JellyRaspberry Habanero Peppr Jelly1
RodneyPalmerSpecialty JellyJelly with Wine, Spirits or BeerRed Wine Jelly1
SueWhiteSpecialty JellyJelly with Wine, Spirits or BeerLimoncello/Lemon Jelly1
TammyBennettSpecialty JellyPeppered JellyCowboy’s Jelly1
AnneVer Steeg AndersonSoft SpreadCitrus MarmaladeMeyer Lemon Vanilla Marmalade1
CherylLevineSoft SpreadCurdLemony Lemon Curd1
ColleenWineySoft SpreadCitrus MarmaladeMeyer Lemon Marmalade1
GregWalkerSoft SpreadPreservesStrawberry Preserves1
JessicaSchneidereitSoft SpreadOrange MarmaladeOrange Marmalade1
LaurenLiberoSoft SpreadConservesPeach Apricot Pecan Conserve1
SherryBlunkSoft SpreadCurdPomelo-lemon Curd1
StephenDisherSoft SpreadOrange MarmaladeSeville Orange Marmalade1
SueWhiteSoft SpreadAny Other MarmaladeBlueberry Citrus Marmalade1
SueWhiteSoft SpreadCitrus MarmaladeGrapefruit/Lemon Marmalade1
ValerieFongSoft SpreadCurdLemon Curd1
ValerieFongSoft SpreadCurdLime Curd1
AmandaJohnsonFruit & TomatoesFruitWhole Cherries1
JamesAustinFruit & TomatoesTomatoesStewed Heritage Tomatoes1
Brine BabesPickled CucumbersDill (not spicy)Ina Pickle1
EricLindbergPickled CucumbersDill (not spicy)Essentially Dill Pickles1
EricLindbergPickled CucumbersOtherNinja Pickles1
JamesAustinPickled CucumbersOtherGarlic & Mustard Pickles1
PattiHoffmanPickled CucumbersOtherTaco Pickles1
ValerieFongPickled CucumbersDill (not spicy)Dill Pickles1
ValerieFongPickled CucumbersRelishCucumber Corn Relish1
ValerieFongPickled CucumbersRelishCucumber Relish1
BartCornellPickled Fruits & VegetablesDill (not spicy)Asparagus Spears1
BartCornellPickled Fruits & VegetablesDill (not spicy)Brussels1
BartCornellPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherCarrot and Jalapeno Sticks1
BartCornellPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherJalapeno Strips1
BartCornellPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherSpicy Dilly Beans1
DanielleWestPickled Fruits & VegetablesSweetCandied Jalapenos1
Dina-MarieMcgowanPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherDill Beans1
EricLindbergPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherDaikon Radish1
EricLindbergPickled Fruits & VegetablesRelishSpicy Pepper Relish1
JamesAustinPickled Fruits & VegetablesDill (not spicy)Dilled Cauliflower1
JamesAustinPickled Fruits & VegetablesDill (not spicy)Dilled Okra1
JamesAustinPickled Fruits & VegetablesDill (not spicy)Dilled String Beans1
JamesAustinPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherMixed Peppers1
JamesAustinPickled Fruits & VegetablesSweetFig Pickles1
JamesAustinPickled Fruits & VegetablesSweetPickled Beets1
JamesAustinPickled Fruits & VegetablesSweetPickled Cling Peaches1
JerrieMoyerPickled Fruits & VegetablesSweetWatermelon Rind1
MonicaHernandezPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherGolden Beets1
MonicaHernandezPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherSpicy Mixed Vegetables1
ValerieFongPickled Fruits & VegetablesDill (not spicy)Dill Asparagus Spears1
VeronicaDelgadoPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherGreens and Things1
JamesAustinFlavored VinegarFlavored VinegarCranberry Orange Vinegar1
JamesAustinFlavored VinegarFlavored VinegarLemongrass Vinegar1
JamesAustinFlavored VinegarFlavored VinegarRaspberry Mint Vinegar1
MarcWilliamsFlavored VinegarFlavored VinegarBlueberry Thyme Vinegar1
AllenTyrellSauceBBQ SauceExclusive Chicken & Rib Sauce1
AmandaJohnsonSauceCondiment SauceSmoked Salt & Mezcal Syrup1
JustinLehrSauceBBQ SauceCookin Sauce1
KennethSalaSauceTomato SauceHeirloom Tomato Sauce1
LaurenMaddockSauceTomato SauceSun Gold Tomato Sauce1
SherryBlunkSauceChutneyApple Chutney1
SueWhiteSauceCondiment SaucePineapple/Mango Rum Dessert Sa1
DonnaScobeeSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkySalsa Caliente II1
DonnaScobeeSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkySalsa Rojo II1
JamesAustinSalsaNon-Tomato SalsaMango Pineapple Salsa1
PeterMillsapSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkyFire roasted1
PeterMillsapSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkyHouse salsa1
PeterMillsapSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkySlow burn1
PeterMillsapSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkySmoke-N-Hot1
StevenKinikinSalsaNon-Tomato SalsaVerde Limon1
TedVolpendestaSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkyRockstar Salsas1
AudreySimmermanLeavened BreadBread With AdditionsGarlic Pull-a-Part1
AudreySimmermanLeavened BreadBuns & RollsShake, Rattle, and Rolls1
ChloeAlmarazLeavened BreadWhite or Wheat – PlainMarbled Danish Bread1
ChristinaWagnerLeavened BreadBread With AdditionsWhite Bread with Sesame Seeds1
ChristinaWagnerLeavened BreadBuns & RollsCardamom Rolls1
DewayneBrowningLeavened BreadBread With AdditionsCabernet Walnut Boule1
ElizabethWinnettLeavened BreadSourdough Bread – PlainSourdough w/ a Touch of Wheat1
ErwinTamLeavened BreadBuns & RollsMilk Custard Bao w/ Craquelin1
GaryKennedyLeavened BreadBread With AdditionsWhole Wheat w/Cranberries/Cinnamon1
GaryKennedyLeavened BreadWhole Grain Bread – PlainWheat w/Touch of Honey1
GregoryBergerLeavened BreadSourdough Bread – PlainSourdough Round1
GregoryBergerLeavened BreadSourdough Bread With AdditionsBlueberry Muffin Sourdough1
HeikeTaylorLeavened BreadSourdough Bread With AdditionsOnion Sourdough bread1
IreneWangLeavened BreadSourdough Bread – PlainSourdough1
JaneDe LeonLeavened BreadAny Other Leavened BreadFilled Wool Roll Bread1
JaneDe LeonLeavened BreadAny Other Leavened BreadGiant Cinnamon & Cardamom Roll1
JaneDe LeonLeavened BreadAny Other Leavened BreadMarble Rye Bread1
JaneDe LeonLeavened BreadAny Other Leavened BreadRye Bread1
JaneDe LeonLeavened BreadAny Other Leavened BreadSweet Star Bread1
JaneDe LeonLeavened BreadBread With AdditionsPotato Bread1
JaneDe LeonLeavened BreadBuns & RollsHealthy Golden Slider Buns1
JaneDe LeonLeavened BreadSourdough Bread With AdditionsSourdough Boule1
JaneDe LeonLeavened BreadWhite or Wheat – PlainPan Cristal1
JedrickAndresLeavened BreadBuns & RollsPandesal1
JennaChandlerLeavened BreadBuns & RollsBranding Day Cinnamon Rolls1
JennaChandlerLeavened BreadBuns & RollsOrange Rolls1
JennaChandlerLeavened BreadSourdough Bread – PlainFarmhouse Sourdough1
JennaChandlerLeavened BreadSourdough Bread With AdditionsCowboy Jalapeno Cheddar Bread1
JenniferCumminsLeavened BreadAny Other Leavened BreadClassic Sourdough Focaccia1
JenniferCumminsLeavened BreadAny Other Leavened BreadMaple Brown Bread1
JenniferCumminsLeavened BreadSourdough Bread – PlainClassic Sourdough1
JenniferCumminsLeavened BreadSourdough Bread With AdditionsDark Chocolate Sourdough1
JenniferCumminsLeavened BreadSourdough Bread With AdditionsPesto Parmesan Sourdough1
JuliaMadridLeavened BreadBuns & RollsConchas1
KarenWellsLeavened BreadSourdough Bread With AdditionsRoasted Garlic & Herb1
LisaTallericoLeavened BreadAny Other Leavened BreadThe King’s Favorite Cornbread1
LisaTallericoLeavened BreadBuns & RollsThe Cinnamon Roll1
StuartDummitLeavened BreadBread With AdditionsSeed Encrusted Loaf1
StuartDummitLeavened BreadWhite or Wheat – PlainRustic Boule1
Terri LeeBrandtLeavened BreadBuns & RollsSweet Dinner Rolls1
AmandaFossumQuick BreadNut and/or Fruit BreadBanana Bread1
DavidLemonQuick BreadSconesSuper Savory Scones1
GaryKennedyQuick BreadNut and/or Fruit BreadSweet Potato & Walnut Bread1
HannahLovrinQuick BreadSconesOrange Glazed Dried Cherries Scones1
PatriciaRohrerQuick BreadNut and/or Fruit BreadBanana Bread1
PatriciaRohrerQuick BreadSconesGinger & Toasted Pecan Scones1
RichAldenQuick BreadMuffinsChocolate Chunk Cherry Muffin1
RyanMaupinQuick BreadSconesThe Ultimate Savory Scone1
StephanieAnfinsonQuick BreadNut and/or Fruit BreadBlueberry Quick Bread1
AnushaGovindanFrosted CakeFrosted CakeChocolate Spice1
GinaSmithFrosted CakeFrosted CakeYou Had Me At Yellow Cake1
GinaSmithFrosted CakeFrosted CakeYour Mom’s Chocolate Cake1
IrmaEsquivelFrosted CakeFrosted CakeChocolate Bourbon Pecan cake1
MarciaArnoldFrosted CakeFrosted CakeMarjalaine1
ShantelKelloggFrosted CakeFrosted CakeChocolate and Raspberries1
WilliamWilsonFrosted CakeFrosted CakeGerman Chocolate Cake1
BhawanCheemaUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeGulab Jamun Bundt Cake1
DarcyButtonUnfrosted CakeFruit or Citrus CakeGrilled Pineapple Upside Down1
DarrylBoykinsUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted Cake7-UP Pound Cake1
EdwinHillUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeButterscotch for Breakfast1
EdwinHillUnfrosted CakeFruit or Citrus CakeOlive Oil Citrus Bundt Cake1
ErwinTamUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakePandan Chiffon Cake1
JenniferPooleUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeHeavenly Angel Food Cake1
JoanEdelsohnUnfrosted CakeFruit or Citrus CakeCrepes Suzette Cake1
KarenBrookhyserUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeApple Cake1
MarsiAtkinsonUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeCake it Easy1
MimiBohmUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeSticky Toffee Pudding Cake1
MonicaHernandezUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeButter Cake w/ Jam Filling1
PeggyKahnUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeHumble Buttermilk Pecan Cake1
RachaelRyenUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeHoney Almond Cake1
RachelYoungUnfrosted CakeFruit or Citrus CakePeach Upside-Down Cake1
ShelleyHurtUnfrosted CakeFruit or Citrus CakeCherry Almond Bundt Cake1
SierraEdelsohnUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeSweet Galicia1
VickiVoreyerUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakePumpkin Spice Bundt Cake1
ClarissaLeyvaRefrigerated CakeAny Other Refrigerated CakeChocolate and Heath Bar Cake1
JaneDe LeonRefrigerated CakeCheesecakePistachio & Orange Cheesecake1
JaneDe LeonRefrigerated CakeCheesecakeRaspberried Cheesecake1
LoriMerkleinRefrigerated CakeAny Other Refrigerated CakeBlueberry Jam White Cake1
MarsiAtkinsonRefrigerated CakeCheesecakeSay Cheese-Cake1
MonaRobertsRefrigerated CakeCheesecakeRustic Lemon Curd Cheesecake1
BhawanCheemaSpecialty CakeCupcakesDouble Chocolate Cupcake1
HillaryLindsaySpecialty CakeCupcakesChocolate Peanut Butter1
JaneDe LeonSpecialty CakeCupcakesBeehive-Shaped Cupcakes1
MarsiAtkinsonSpecialty CakeCoffee Cake – Non-RefrigeratedBake It Til You Make it!1
MarsiAtkinsonSpecialty CakeDonutsDonut Worry, Be Happy1
NataliaDasilvaSpecialty CakeAny Other Specialty Cake ItemGluten Free Almond Apple Cake1
NataliaDasilvaSpecialty CakeAny Other Specialty Cake ItemStone Fruit and Yogurt Cake1
RachaelRyenSpecialty CakeCupcakesCreme Brulee Cupcakes1
RachelMalinSpecialty CakeCupcakesTemptation of the Blood Orange1
RachelMalinSpecialty CakeCupcakesThe Last Days of Pom-pagne1
TylerRoseSpecialty CakeAny Other Specialty Cake ItemOrange Jell-O Poke Cake1
WilliamWilsonSpecialty CakeCoffee Cake – Non-RefrigeratedApple Cinnamon1
AnthonySkeltonRefrigerated PieCustard PieKey Lime Pie1
ChrisCaldwell-CollinsRefrigerated PieTart or TartletsMarzipan Swirl Tart1
DarceyYerlyRefrigerated PieAny Other Refrigerated PieFrench Silk1
DarcyButtonRefrigerated PieCream PieLemon Angel Pie1
GaryKennedyRefrigerated PieAny Other Refrigerated PieStrawberry Tart1
GaryKennedyRefrigerated PieCream PieHawaiian Chocolate Haupia Pie1
JanRosenbergRefrigerated PieCream PieGerman Chocolate Pie1
JaneDe LeonRefrigerated PieTart or TartletsCherry & Cheese Tart1
JaneDe LeonRefrigerated PieTart or TartletsOnions & Goat Cheese Tart1
JoanEdelsohnRefrigerated PieTart or TartletsFruit Frangipane Tart1
JoanEdelsohnRefrigerated PieTart or TartletsLemon Tart w/ Raspberry Coulis1
LynetteKomarRefrigerated PieTart or TartletsRuby Orange Meringue Tartlets1
MadhurimaGadgilRefrigerated PieCream PieBanana Cream Pie1
MarsiAtkinsonRefrigerated PieCustard PieYou Bake me Smile1
MarsiAtkinsonRefrigerated PieTart or TartletsDon’t Get me Tarted1
MimiBohmRefrigerated PieCream PiePeanut Butter Chiffon Pie1
PattiHoffmanRefrigerated PieCream PieLemon Cloud Pie1
SamanthaFoertschRefrigerated PieCustard PieButtermilk Apple Pie1
AlisonLittleNon-Refrigerated PieSingle Crust PieDutch Apple1
AMIETOKUHAMA CHAPMANNon-Refrigerated PieApple Pie (Double Crust)Apple Streusel Pie1
AsaSymonsNon-Refrigerated PieSingle Crust PieMango Carmel Necterine Pie1
ChrisOlceseNon-Refrigerated PieTart or TartletsSamoas Tartlets1
ChristineDunnNon-Refrigerated PieApple Pie (Double Crust)Award-Winning Apple Pie1
ChristineDunnNon-Refrigerated PieDouble Crust PieCherry Pie1
EllenMcCormickNon-Refrigerated PieDouble Crust PieCherry Rhubarb Pie1
EvaChavezNon-Refrigerated PieApple Pie (Double Crust)Apple Pie1
JaneDe LeonNon-Refrigerated PieSingle Crust PiePears with Herbs Galette1
JohnHokansNon-Refrigerated PieApple Pie (Double Crust)Apple Pie1
JohnHokansNon-Refrigerated PieDouble Crust PieMock Apple Pie1
MadhurimaGadgilNon-Refrigerated PieApple Pie (Double Crust)Bougie Fuji Apple Pie1
MimiBohmNon-Refrigerated PieTart or TartletsCherry Almond Tart1
PatriciaRohrerNon-Refrigerated PieApple Pie (Double Crust)Apple/Cranberry Pie1
PearlSkeltonNon-Refrigerated PieSingle Crust PiePineapple Chutney Pie1
RachaelRyenNon-Refrigerated PieSingle Crust PiePineapple Ginger Pie1
ElenaPerezPastryRefrigerated PastryChocolate Cherry Cream Puffs1
ErwinTamPastryNon-Refrigerated PastryGougère1
GaryKennedyPastryRefrigerated PastryManon Eclairs1
GitaKapahiPastryRefrigerated PastryChoux Pastry1
JaneDe LeonPastryRefrigerated PastryStone Fruit Pastries1
JennineQuiringPastryRefrigerated PastryTartlet1
KristineRosePastryRefrigerated PastryCream Puffs1
MarsiAtkinsonPastryRefrigerated PastryE Clair About You1
ShelleyHurtPastryNon-Refrigerated PastryOrange Raspberry Brioche Star1
WilliamWilsonPastryNon-Refrigerated PastrySwedish Tea Ring1
CarolynBonannoChocolate ConfectionsAny Other Chocolate ConfectionMocha Chocolate Fudge1
CarolynBonannoChocolate ConfectionsChocolate FudgeChocolate Fudge1
ChristinaWagnerChocolate ConfectionsChocolate FudgeChocolate Fudge with Walnuts1
HannahLovrinChocolate ConfectionsAny Other Chocolate ConfectionChocolate Chewy1
JennineQuiringChocolate ConfectionsFilled ChocolatesGinger Lemon1
MarsiAtkinsonChocolate ConfectionsChocolate FudgeChocolate Bliss1
ReneeRiandaChocolate ConfectionsChocolate FudgeCandy Fudge with Nuts1
SherryBlunkChocolate ConfectionsAny Other Chocolate ConfectionRocky Road1
AlisonLittleBakers ConfectionsFrench MacaronsPistachio1
GitaKapahiBakers ConfectionsFrench MacaronsHere Chickie!1
GitaKapahiBakers ConfectionsFrench MacaronsWhite Chocolate Raspberry Macs1
MariePicancoBakers ConfectionsFrench MacaronsLime1
MariePicancoBakers ConfectionsFrench MacaronsOrange Vanilla1
MariePicancoBakers ConfectionsFrench MacaronsSalted Caramel1
MariePicancoBakers ConfectionsFrench MacaronsVanilla1
Terri LeeBrandtBakers ConfectionsFrench MacaronsFrench Macarons1
BrittanyLoganSugar ConfectionsAny Other Sugar ConfectionThe Puff and Dust1
CarolynBonannoSugar ConfectionsBrittleCashew Brittle1
CarolynBonannoSugar ConfectionsCaramelsCaramels1
CarolynBonannoSugar ConfectionsFudge (Non-Chocolate)Key Lime Fudge1
CarolynBonannoSugar ConfectionsFudge (Non-Chocolate)Rainbow Cream Fudge1
DarceyYerlySugar ConfectionsBrittleCashew Brittle1
DavidAmaralSugar ConfectionsBrittleCinnamon Almond Brittle1
DavidHoweSugar ConfectionsAny Other Sugar ConfectionAlmond-Molasses Caramel Corn1
DiorKunselman-HoodSugar ConfectionsFudge (Non-Chocolate)Childhood Memories1
DiorKunselman-HoodSugar ConfectionsFudge (Non-Chocolate)Nuts About You1
DiorKunselman-HoodSugar ConfectionsFudge (Non-Chocolate)The Last Straw(Berry)1
EricMeinSugar ConfectionsAny Other Sugar ConfectionChristmas Toffee1
GaryKennedySugar ConfectionsBrittleCalifornia Brittle1
LisaTobiasSugar ConfectionsBrittlePeanut Brittle1
LorenaFerchaudSugar ConfectionsAny Other Sugar ConfectionEnglish Toffee1
LorenaFerchaudSugar ConfectionsBrittleCoconut Pecan Brittle1
MarsiAtkinsonSugar ConfectionsBrittleI Have A Crunch On You1
MarsiAtkinsonSugar ConfectionsCaramelsSweet Treats1
MarsiAtkinsonSugar ConfectionsFudge (Non-Chocolate)Goin’ Nuts1
SherryBlunkSugar ConfectionsAny Other Sugar ConfectionCaramel Popcorn1
SherryBlunkSugar ConfectionsBrittleCashew Brittle1
SherryBlunkSugar ConfectionsBrittleTropical Island Brittle1
ArianaVargasCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherCookie Monsterz1
AudreySimmermanCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherLoaded Chocolate Chip1
BeckyPapenhauseCookiesDrop Cookies, Fruit and/or NutApple Cookies1
BeckyPapenhauseCookiesDrop Cookies, Fruit and/or NutCoconut Macaroons1
BeckyPapenhauseCookiesDrop Cookies, Fruit and/or NutMango White Chocolate Chip1
BenjaminCalnonCookiesDrop Cookies, Fruit and/or NutBanana Cookie1
CindyTeresiCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Traditional (no nuts)Chocolate Chip Cookies1
DanielleWestCookiesShaped CookiesRosemary Shortbread1
DavidAmaralCookiesShaped CookiesCranberry Orange Cookies1
DavidAmaralCookiesShaped CookiesPecan Spice Cookies1
DavidAmaralCookiesShaped CookiesSparkling Cranberry Gems1
DeyNixonCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Traditional (no nuts)Chocolate Chip Cookies1
DianeAdamsCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherChocolate Chip Cookies1
EthanCullumCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherChocolate Chip1
GaryKennedyCookiesAny Other CookiesPeanut Butter Cookie1
GaryKennedyCookiesBar CookiesCherry Almond Bark1
GaryKennedyCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Traditional (no nuts)Grand Chocolate Chip Cookie & Macadamia Nuts1
GitaKapahiCookiesAny Other CookiesRaspberry Crumble Cookie1
GitaKapahiCookiesBar CookiesOrange Bars1
HannahLovrinCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Traditional (no nuts)Baker’s Favorite Cookie1
HannahLovrinCookiesShaped CookiesAlmond Horns1
HannahLovrinCookiesShaped CookiesPfeffernusse1
HannahLovrinCookiesShaped CookiesSnowball Cookies1
HeikeTaylorCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherSourdough Triple Chocolate 1
JackieWilliamsCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherCarrot Cake Cookies1
JackieWilliamsCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherWhite Chocolate Macadamia Nut1
JaneDe LeonCookiesShaped CookiesChocolate Almond Biscotti1
JaneDe LeonCookiesShaped CookiesMalted Chocolate Biscotti1
JaneDe LeonCookiesShaped CookiesOrange & Pistachio Biscotti1
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesEggnog Cookie1
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesOatmeal Creampie1
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesPhish Food1
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesStrawberry Shortcake Cookie1
JenniferMooreCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherCherry Garcia1
JenniferMooreCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherPink Drink1
JenniferMooreCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherS’More Cookie1
JenniferMooreCookiesShaped CookiesThe Coffee Bean1
JenniferSacoolasCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherDream Crumb True1
KellyHallCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherChocolate Chip & Sea Salt1
KevinOhtaCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherChocolate Chip/Heath Kookies1
MaggieChuiCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherFeelin’ Salty & Sweet1
MaggieChuiCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherWe’re a Perfect Matcha!1
MaggieChuiCookiesShaped CookiesSweet Lavender Dreams1
MariaPerezCookiesBar CookiesBlondies1
MarkEgerCookiesAny Other CookiesScout’s Honor PB Sandwich1
MarkEgerCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherBrown Sugar Cookies1
MarkEgerCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherCoconut Cookies1
MarkEgerCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherCoconut Oat Chews1
MarkEgerCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherMolasses Oat Cookies1
MarkEgerCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherOld Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies1
MarkEgerCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherPeanut Butter Oatmeal1
MarkEgerCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherToffee Cookies1
MarsiAtkinsonCookiesAny Other CookiesLife is what you bake it!1
MarsiAtkinsonCookiesBar CookiesA Date walks into a Bar1
MarsiAtkinsonCookiesBar CookiesLife is Sweet1
MarsiAtkinsonCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherChip Chip Hooray1
MarsiAtkinsonCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherFriend Chip Goals1
MarsiAtkinsonCookiesShaped CookiesEspresso Yourself1
MicheleMcCoyCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherWine Chocolate Truffle Cookie1
MonicaOhtaCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Traditional (no nuts)Yummy Chocolate Chip1
NataliaOcampoCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherSalted Caramel Chocolate Chip1
NataliaOcampoCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Traditional (no nuts)Chocolate Chip Cookie1
RachelYoungCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherPeppermint Hot Chocolate1
RodneyPalmerCookiesShaped CookiesShortbread Cookie1
SandyJohnsonCookiesDrop Cookies, Fruit and/or NutBreakfast To Go1
StephanieBurnsCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Traditional (no nuts)Chocolate Chip Cookies1
WilliamWilsonCookiesAny Other CookiesChocolate Sour Cream Cookies1
CynthiaGibbsBrowniesAny Other BrowniesPrayer Brownies1
DeyNixonBrowniesAny Other BrowniesMalted Brownies1
JaneDe LeonBrowniesAny Other BrowniesPistachio Teff Brownies1
MarsiAtkinsonBrowniesAny Other BrowniesYou’re so Sweet1
DenaKauferDecorated CakeTiered CakeTo The Rescue1
ShannonWelchDecorated CakeTiered CakeLovin’ California1
ShantelKelloggDecorated CakeTiered CakeCalifornia Poppies1
EthanCullumDried MeatBeef JerkyBeef jerky1
GaryKennedyDried MeatBeef JerkyA Bit Sweet & Hot Beef1
SamanthaFoertschDried MeatBeef JerkyHoney Serrano Beef Jerky1
GaryKennedyDried ProduceFruit & TomatoesPineapple Flowers1
GaryKennedyDried ProduceHerbsDried Homegrown Sage1
LauraBellDried ProduceFruit & TomatoesDried Apples1
KathyMullaneyGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverSnow Turtles1
MicheleMowreyKing Arthur Flour Snickerdoodle Cookie DerbyAges 18 and OverSnickerdoodle Cookies1
AinaPerezYouth JamAge 16 to 18Strawberry Jam1
Britt Shulleeta And Madilyn MarinoYouth JamAge 16 to 18Blackberry Mint Jam1
Evie Ures And Tori MatsuzakiYouth JamAge 16 to 18Kiwi Strawberry Jam1
Evie Ures And Tori MatsuzakiYouth JamAge 16 to 18Triple Berry Jam1
GabrielLangYouth JamAge 10 to 12Strawberry Jam1
Haley Lawrence And Jori WeeksYouth JamAge 16 to 18Raspberry Jalapeño Jam1
IsabelleArnaudYouth JamAge 5 to 9Boysenberry Jam1
IsabelleArnaudYouth JamAge 5 to 9Cherry Almond Jam1
IsabelleArnaudYouth JamAge 5 to 9Mango-Passion fruit Jam1
IsabelleMunozYouth JamAge 16 to 18Peach Strawberry Jam1
IsabelleMunozYouth JamAge 16 to 18Pineapple Blueberry Jam1
KrisJohnsonYouth JamAge 16 to 18Raspberry jam1
Madilynn & HayleyFiksdal & WatsonYouth JamAge 16 to 18Blueberry Jam1
Madilynn & HayleyFiksdal & WatsonYouth JamAge 16 to 18Peach jam1
Madilynn & HayleyFiksdal & WatsonYouth JamAge 16 to 18Strawberry Jam1
MorganEvansYouth JamAge 16 to 18Topical Sunrise Jam1
OliverVan GelderYouth JamAge 13 to 15Peach Jam1
PresleyClementYouth JamAge 16 to 18Apricot Jam1
PresleyClementYouth JamAge 16 to 18Double Berry Jalapeño Jam1
PresleyClementYouth JamAge 16 to 18Strawberry Jam1
Reese & VanessaEisentrager & BenderYouth JamAge 13 to 15Blueberry jam1
Reese & VanessaEisentrager & BenderYouth JamAge 13 to 15Raspberry Peach Jam1
SofiaDumaligYouth JamAge 5 to 9Backyard Apricot Jam1
Britt Shulleeta And Madilyn MarinoYouth JellyAge 16 to 18Summer Jelly1
CameySearsYouth JellyAge 13 to 15Watermelon Jelly1
Delaney And HunterYouth JellyAge 16 to 18Red Pepper Jelly1
MadelynAmesYouth JellyAge 16 to 18Mint Jelly1
CameySearsYouth Soft SpreadAge 13 to 15Pink Lemonade Soft Spread1
Reese & VanessaEisentrager & BenderYouth Soft SpreadAge 13 to 15Salted Caramel Apple Butter1
EmilySouzaYouth Tomato & FruitAge 16 to 18Cranberry Sauce1
GabrielLangYouth Tomato & FruitAge 10 to 12Cinnamon Apples1
AinaPerezYouth Pickles & RelishAge 16 to 18Spicy Dill Pickled Green Beans1
CameySearsYouth Pickles & RelishAge 13 to 15Dill Pickles1
CasonWelchYouth Pickles & RelishAge 10 to 12Pepper & Onion Relish1
Delaney And HunterYouth Pickles & RelishAge 16 to 18Cowboy Candy1
Delaney And HunterYouth Pickles & RelishAge 16 to 18Spicy Garlic Dill Pickles1
Evie Ures And Tori MatsuzakiYouth Pickles & RelishAge 16 to 18Dill Pickles1
GabrielLangYouth Pickles & RelishAge 10 to 12Zucchini Relish1
Haley Lawrence And Jori WeeksYouth Pickles & RelishAge 16 to 18Garlic Dill Pickles1
KrisJohnsonYouth Pickles & RelishAge 16 to 18Canned Pickles1
KylieNelsonYouth Pickles & RelishAge 16 to 18Dill Pickles1
MorganEvansYouth Pickles & RelishAge 16 to 18Bread and Butter Pickles1
MorganEvansYouth Pickles & RelishAge 16 to 18Sweet Pickles1
AinaPerezYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 16 to 18Chile Salsa1
Britt Shulleeta And Madilyn MarinoYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 16 to 18Pasta Sauce1
Britt Shulleeta And Madilyn MarinoYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 16 to 18Salsa Verde1
Delaney And HunterYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 16 to 18Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde1
GabrielLangYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 10 to 12Hot Salsa1
Haley Lawrence And Jori WeeksYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 16 to 18Mango Habanero Salsa1
KrisJohnsonYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 16 to 18Salsa1
MorganEvansYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 16 to 18Hawaiian BBQ Sauce1
MorganEvansYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 16 to 18Tropical Sauce1
OliverVan GelderYouth Sauce, Salsa, & ChutneyAge 13 to 15Peach Mango Salsa1
AliaNguyenYouth BreadAge 13 to 15Honey Butter Biscuits1
BayleePooleYouth BreadAge 16 to 18Hawaiian Bread1
JuliannaGarnerYouth BreadAge 13 to 15Sourdough Dinner Rolls1
VivienneRhodesYouth BreadAge 5 to 9Buttery Buttermilk Cornbread1
AthenaMooreYouth CakeAge 10 to 12Vanilla Cupcakes1
BayleePooleYouth CakeAge 16 to 18Scandinavian Almond Cake1
JuliaWagnerYouth CakeAge 16 to 18Mint Chocolate Marble Cupcakes1
BayleePooleYouth PieAge 16 to 18Key Lime Pie1
LeahSelfYouth PieAge 16 to 18Award Winning Apple Pie1
AthenaMooreYouth ConfectionsAge 10 to 12Party In Your Mouth1
AliaNguyenYouth CookiesAge 13 to 15Chocolate Chip Cookies1
AliaNguyenYouth CookiesAge 13 to 15Ube Chocolate Mac Nut Cookies1
BayleePooleYouth CookiesAge 16 to 18Best Molasses Cookie1
ColeKennedyYouth CookiesAge 5 to 9Chocolate Chip Cookies1
JaceGarnerYouth CookiesAge 5 to 9Rasberry Cheesecake Cookies1
SofiaDumaligYouth CookiesAge 5 to 9Choco Chip Surprise1
AlyssaHuangYouth Decorated CakeAge 13 to 15In Full Bloom1
AlyssaHuangYouth Decorated CupcakesAge 13 to 15Pup Cups1
IrelynKennedyYouth Guittard’s Junior Chocolate PassionAges 12 to 18Chocolate Dessert1
BayleePooleYouth King Arthur Flour Snickerdoodle DerbyAges 5 to 18Snickerdoodle Cookie1
NicholasSalleBerry JamStrawberry JamStrawberry Jam2
PatriciaKowalewskiBerry JamBerry Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerBoozeberry Jam2
TammyBennettBerry JamSingle Berry JamVery Blueberry Jam2
FrederickBennettFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Any Other FruitKiwi Jam2
GregWalkerFruit JamMixed Fruit JamApricot Pineapple Jam2
KarenBrookhyserFruit JamFruit Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerPlum Jam w Mandarincello Liqueur2
LaurenLiberoFruit JamMixed Fruit JamPeach Cacao Fruit Jam2
MaryWilliamsFruit JamFruit Jam with Wine, Spirits or BeerApricot Jam with Calvados2
DeborahOndrickaFruit & Berry JamMixed Fruit & Berry JamStrawberry Peach2
Dina-MarieMcgowanFruit & Berry JamMixed Fruit & Berry JamSummer Berry Bang!2
DarleneCullumSpecialty JamAny Other JamStrawberry Ruhbarb2
DeborahPeirceSpecialty JamAny Other JamSweet Cherry Vanilla Jam2
GinaGotsillSpecialty JamLow Sugar JamOrganic Rainier Cherry2
JamesAustinSpecialty JamPeppered JamHabanero Gold Jam2
LisaTobiasSpecialty JamLow Sugar JamBlenheim Apricot Jam2
PatriciaShortSpecialty JamPeppered JamJalapeno Peach Jam2
ToniaHagamanSpecialty JamPeppered JamSWEET & SPICY TOMATO JAM2
PattiHoffmanFruit & Berry JellyMixed Fruit & Berry JellyBlueberry Lemonade Jelly2
RobertFrankoFruit & Berry JellyFruit JellyPineapple Guava Jelly2
DeborahPeirceSpecialty JellyAny Other JellyElderberry Vanilla Jelly2
JamesAustinSpecialty JellyPeppered JellyJalapeno Jelly2
Lane FamilySpecialty JellyPeppered JellyPomegranate/Habanero Jelly2
PatriciaShortSpecialty JellyAny Other JellyPomegranate Hibiscus Jelly2
RobertFrankoSpecialty JellyPeppered JellyHabenero Pineapple Guava Jelly2
AmandaJohnsonSoft SpreadPreservesApricot Pineapple Preserves2
AmandaMachenSoft SpreadButter (Non-Dairy)Apple Butter2
ErikKowalewskiSoft SpreadCurdBlimey Limey2
GregWalkerSoft SpreadCurdMeyer Lemon Curd2
JessicaSchneidereitSoft SpreadCitrus MarmaladeLemon and Orange Marmalade2
JessicaSchneidereitSoft SpreadCitrus MarmaladePink Grapefruit Marmalade2
PerlaCuellarSoft SpreadOrange MarmaladeOrange Dream Marmalade2
SueWhiteSoft SpreadPreservesBlueberry Preserves2
JamesAustinFruit & TomatoesFruitBrandied Muscat Grapes2
BartCornellPickled CucumbersDill (not spicy)Classic Dill2
BartCornellPickled CucumbersOtherSpicy Dill2
JamesAustinPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherMixed Bell Peppers2
VeronicaDelgadoPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherPickled Peppers2
JamesAustinFlavored VinegarFlavored VinegarLemongrass & Basil Vinegar2
MarcWilliamsFlavored VinegarFlavored VinegarCherry Vinegar2
JamesAustinSauceChutneyApple Rhubarb Chutney2
SueWhiteSauceBBQ SaucePeppered Peach BBQ Sauce2
DonnaScobeeSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkyDouble Dipper II2
GabrielGarciaSalsaTomato Salsa – SmoothTomato Salsa2
GladysOchoaSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkyPoncho Pancho y perro2
MarthaOchoaSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkySalsa2
PeterMillsapSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkyO-Yes-I-Did2
TammyBennettSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkyCowboy’s Salsa2
GaryKennedyLeavened BreadBuns & RollsBobka Rolls2
GaryKennedyLeavened BreadSourdough Bread – PlainSourdough for the Soul2
GaryKennedyLeavened BreadSourdough Bread With AdditionsCheesy Sourdough with Jalapeno2
GregoryBergerLeavened BreadAny Other Leavened BreadCheddar Oyster Crackers2
HannahLovrinLeavened BreadWhite or Wheat – PlainWhite Boule2
JaneDe LeonLeavened BreadBuns & RollsCoconut & Black Sesame Buns2
Jessica AnneBryantLeavened BreadWhite or Wheat – PlainEveryday White Bread Loaf2
ErwinTamNon-Leavened BreadNon-Leavened BreadMethi Na Thepla 2
HannahLovrinQuick BreadAny Other Quick BreadCornbread2
KelseyMcLaganQuick BreadSconesStrawberry Scones2
MorganMckinneyQuick BreadNut and/or Fruit BreadBanana Bread2
OliviaColomboQuick BreadNut and/or Fruit BreadBanana Bread2
JennineQuiringFrosted CakeFrosted CakeBlossom2
LindaBordenFrosted CakeFrosted CakeBaileys Irish Cream Cake2
LindaBordenFrosted CakeFrosted CakeCream De Menthe Cake2
NataliaDasilvaFrosted CakeFrosted CakeCoconut Cake2
RachaelRyenFrosted CakeFrosted CakePink Lemonade Cake2
BerniceDommerUnfrosted CakeFruit or Citrus CakePear Upside Down Gingerbread2
JaneDe LeonUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeOld Fashioned Spice Cake2
StephenCunningham-BryantUnfrosted CakeAny Other Unfrosted CakeRum Bundt2
ChloeAlmarazRefrigerated CakeAny Other Refrigerated CakeApple Cake2
JoanEdelsohnRefrigerated CakeAny Other Refrigerated CakeChocolate Hazelnut Entremet2
BhawanCheemaSpecialty CakeCupcakesGulab Jamun Cupcake2
ErwinTamSpecialty CakeAny Other Specialty Cake ItemBlueberry Mochi Cake (GF)2
GaryKennedySpecialty CakeCupcakesBoozy Chocolate Pecan Cupcakes2
GitaKapahiSpecialty CakeCupcakesCoconut Pecan Cupcakes2
HillaryLindsaySpecialty CakeCupcakesLemon Cupcakes2
HillaryLindsaySpecialty CakeDonutsApple Spice2
JennineQuiringSpecialty CakeCupcakesApple Pie Cupcakes2
JohnHokansSpecialty CakeAny Other Specialty Cake ItemClementine Cake2
MarsiAtkinsonSpecialty CakeAny Other Specialty Cake ItemGoin’ Bananas2
MarsiAtkinsonSpecialty CakeCoffee Cake – RefrigeratedCrumb On!2
SarahAstarteSpecialty CakeCupcakesPiquant Pistachio Cupcakes2
JasmeenVaughnRefrigerated PieAny Other Refrigerated PieSweet Potato Pie2
MarsiAtkinsonRefrigerated PieAny Other Refrigerated PieGood Pie-brations2
PaulaSkeltonRefrigerated PieAny Other Refrigerated PiePecan Pie2
ChrisCaldwell-CollinsNon-Refrigerated PieApple Pie (Double Crust)Brandy Apple Pie2
DarceyYerlyNon-Refrigerated PieDouble Crust PieApple Pie2
DarceyYerlyNon-Refrigerated PieDouble Crust PiePeach Pie2
EvaChavezNon-Refrigerated PieDouble Crust PieBlueberry Pie2
MarsiAtkinsonNon-Refrigerated PieDouble Crust PieI Crust You2
MarsiAtkinsonNon-Refrigerated PieTart or TartletsPeach for the Stars2
MarsiAtkinsonChocolate ConfectionsTruffles (Genache Only)Everyday I’m Truffling2
HannahLovrinBakers ConfectionsFrench MacaronsChocolate Cherry Macarons2
CarolynBonannoSugar ConfectionsAny Other Sugar ConfectionToffee2
MarsiAtkinsonSugar ConfectionsAny Other Sugar ConfectionOh My Gluten-less!2
CarolynBonannoCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherBrown Butter Blondie Cookies2
ChristinaWagnerCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherChocolate Cookies w/Nuts2
CindyTeresiCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherOatmeal Raisin Cookies2
DarleneCullumCookiesAny Other CookiesFunfetti Cookie2
GitaKapahiCookiesBar CookiesLemon Crumb Bars2
JaneDe LeonCookiesDrop Cookies, Fruit and/or NutAlmond Cookies2
JaneDe LeonCookiesShaped CookiesRaspberry Amaretti2
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesChocolate Peanut Butter2
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesChurro Cookie2
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesHot Cocoa2
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesLemon Blueberry2
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesOrange Creamsicle2
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesPolish Lemon Cookie2
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesRed Velvet Stuffed Cookie2
JenniferMooreCookiesAny Other CookiesThe Grinch2
JenniferMooreCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherChunky Monkey2
JenniferMooreCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherDad Bod2
JenniferMooreCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherUbe Macadamia Nut2
JenniferMooreCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherBahhh Humbug2
JenniferMooreCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherBetter than a PSL2
JenniferMooreCookiesShaped CookiesBomb Pop Cookie2
JenniferMooreCookiesShaped CookiesLavender & Salt Shortbread2
KatarinaPolcariCookiesShaped CookiesLavender Daze2
KellyHallCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherS’Mores Cookie2
LindaUndenCookiesAny Other CookiesAsparagus Cookies2
LynetteKomarCookiesShaped CookiesOrange Creamsicle Sugar Cookie2
MarkEgerCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherRum Cookies2
NataliaDasilvaCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, OtherButterscotch Cookies2
PatriciaRohrerCookiesDrop Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Traditional (no nuts)Chocolate Chip Cookie2
ReneeRiandaCookiesBar CookiesLemon Bars2
LisaTallericoGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverMilk Chocolate Brownies2
HannahLovrinKing Arthur Flour Snickerdoodle Cookie DerbyAges 18 and OverSnickerdoodles2
AinaPerezYouth JamAge 16 to 18Apricot Jam2
AinaPerezYouth JamAge 16 to 18Kumquat Jam2
CameySearsYouth JamAge 13 to 15Mango Pepper Jam2
CameySearsYouth JamAge 13 to 15Vanilla Lime Blueberry Jam2
Delaney And HunterYouth JamAge 16 to 18Blueberry Lemon Basil Jam2
EmilySouzaYouth JamAge 16 to 18Cherry Jam2
Evie Ures And Tori MatsuzakiYouth JamAge 16 to 18Blueberry Honey Vanilla Jam2
Evie Ures And Tori MatsuzakiYouth JamAge 16 to 18Cherry Habanero Jam2
Evie Ures And Tori MatsuzakiYouth JamAge 16 to 18Raspberry Peach Jam2
Haley Lawrence And Jori WeeksYouth JamAge 16 to 18Cherry Lemon Jam2
KylieNelsonYouth JamAge 16 to 18Mango Strawberry Jam2
KylieNelsonYouth JamAge 16 to 18Mixed Berry Jam2
MadelynAmesYouth JamAge 16 to 18Tropical Mix Jam2
Madilynn & HayleyFiksdal & WatsonYouth JamAge 16 to 18Apple Pear Jam2
OliverVan GelderYouth JamAge 13 to 15Mulberry Jam2
PresleyClementYouth JamAge 16 to 18Peach Raspberry Jam2
Reese & VanessaEisentrager & BenderYouth JamAge 13 to 15Carrot Cake Jam2
AinaPerezYouth JellyAge 16 to 18Kumquat Jelly2
Britt Shulleeta And Madilyn MarinoYouth JellyAge 16 to 18Pepper Jelly2
Evie Ures And Tori MatsuzakiYouth JellyAge 16 to 18Apple Jelly2
KylieNelsonYouth JellyAge 16 to 18Blackberry Jalapeno jelly2
MorganEvansYouth JellyAge 16 to 18Maple Syrup Jelly2
MorganEvansYouth Soft SpreadAge 16 to 18Lime Marmalade2
AinaPerezYouth Tomato & FruitAge 16 to 18Canned Peaches2
CameySearsYouth Pickles & RelishAge 13 to 15Sweet Pickles2
Reese & VanessaEisentrager & BenderYouth Pickles & RelishAge 13 to 15Sweet Heat Pickles2
AliaNguyenYouth CakeAge 13 to 15Boba Cream Malasadas2
AndrewMitchellYouth CookiesAge 10 to 12Strawberry Sugar Cookie2
AthenaMooreYouth CookiesAge 10 to 12Snickerdoodle Cookie2
CeciliaJaskeYouth CookiesAge 10 to 12Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies2
EdenHoangYouth CookiesAge 10 to 12Raining Cinnamon2
IrelynKennedyYouth King Arthur Flour Snickerdoodle DerbyAges 5 to 18Snickerdoodles2
DeborahPeirceFruit JamSingle Fruit Jam – Any Other FruitMeyer Lemon Jam3
JamesAustinFruit & Berry JellyFruit JellyApple Pie Jelly3
DarleneCullumSpecialty JellyAny Other JellyRuhbarb Vanilla Jelly3
LaurenLiberoSoft SpreadCitrus MarmaladeYuzu Marmalade3
JamesAustinFruit & TomatoesFruitDrunk Melba Peaches3
BartCornellPickled Fruits & VegetablesOtherSpicy Garlic3
AlfonsoOchoaSalsaTomato Salsa – ChunkySalsa De Mesa3
JuliaAsbensonLeavened BreadWhole Grain Bread – PlainSpelt Blend Sourdough3
DarleneCullumQuick BreadSconesCranberry White Chocolate3
MarsiAtkinsonRefrigerated CakeAny Other Refrigerated CakeSlice, Slice Baby3
RyanMaupinSpecialty CakeAny Other Specialty Cake ItemCoffee Sugar Peach Cake3
DorothyBonannoChocolate ConfectionsAny Other Chocolate ConfectionPeanut Butter Chocolate Fudge3
DavidHoweSugar ConfectionsBrittleMolasses Brittle3
DavidHoweSugar ConfectionsBrittlePeanut Brittle3
MarsiAtkinsonSugar ConfectionsAny Other Sugar ConfectionYes You Candy!3
ChrisOlceseCookiesShaped CookiesPeppercorn Ginger Shortbread3
HannahMauthCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherCoffee Cake Cookies3
JaneDe LeonCookiesShaped CookiesLemon Almond Biscotti3
JenniferMooreCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherMatcha3
JenniferMooreCookiesDrop Cookies, OtherPeanut Butter Cookie3
PatriciaRohrerCookiesBar CookiesGrapefruit Bars3
ShantelKelloggCookiesAny Other CookiesGluten-Free Chocolate Chip3
DeborahOndrickaGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverDark Chocolate Rum Truffles3
PattiHoffmanKing Arthur Flour Snickerdoodle Cookie DerbyAges 18 and OverSnickerdoodle3
Reese & VanessaEisentrager & BenderYouth JamAge 13 to 15Pear Vanilla Jam3
AinaPerezYouth Soft SpreadAge 16 to 18Orange Marmalade3
MorganEvansYouth Soft SpreadAge 16 to 18Caramel Apple Butter3
AlyssaHuangYouth Guittard’s Junior Chocolate PassionAges 12 to 18Choco-Mint Brookie3
WyattHoffmanYouth King Arthur Flour Snickerdoodle DerbyAges 5 to 18Snickerdoodle3
HannahLovrinGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverChocolate CinnaRum CookiesAward of Merit
JustinNgGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverChocolate Chip Cookie BarsAward of Merit
MatthewCraggsGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverChocolate Chip CookiesAward of Merit
MicheleMowreyGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverChocolate Date CupcakesAward of Merit
MonaRobertsGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverFudge Truffle CheesecakeAward of Merit
PeggyLinbergGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverChocolate PassionAward of Merit
RussellNgGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverChoco Chunk Chocolate CookieAward of Merit
TracyBootheGuittard Chocolate PassionAges 18 and OverCointreau TrufflesAward of Merit
BayleePooleYouth Guittard’s Junior Chocolate PassionAges 12 to 18Chocolate chunk cookieAward of Merit
GraceMartinYouth Guittard’s Junior Chocolate PassionAges 12 to 18Caramel Shortbread BarsAward of Merit
JosephLovrinYouth Guittard’s Junior Chocolate PassionAges 12 to 18Chocolate Snack CakesAward of Merit
LucasJohnsonYouth Guittard’s Junior Chocolate PassionAges 12 to 18Chocolate BabkaAward of Merit