2023 Arts Competition Judges

Art Gallery

The 2023 California State Fair Arts Competition boasts a distinguished panel of judges representing a diverse range of expertise in the fields of fine art, crafts, and the student showcase.

These esteemed judges bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, carefully evaluating and critiquing the submissions to ensure the highest standards of artistic excellence. With their discerning eyes and keen appreciation for creativity, these judges play a crucial role in recognizing and honoring the exceptional talent displayed in the arts competition. Their expertise and dedication contribute to the fair’s commitment to celebrating the vibrant arts community and fostering artistic growth and innovation.

2023 CA State Fair Arts Competition Judges


  • Justin Wood
  • Terry Peterson
  • Marie-Therese Brown
  • Beth Carlson
  • Carol Smith
  • Colleen Ballard
  • Diane Hoschler
  • Donna Combs
  • Janet Nicholson
  • Jody O’Dell
  • Linda Downs
  • Lindy Mundy
  • Lynne Giovanetti
  • Mary Hufft
  • Steve Dicus
  • Jim Shepherd Jr.
  • Justin Wood
  • Nick Shepard
  • Ray Gonzales
  • Ronald Walker
  • Sean Royal
  • Stephanie Palmer
  • Susan Rabinovitz
  • Luke Cheng
  • Dana Halvorson
  • Scott Halvorson
  • Tom Huynh
  • Marie-Therese Brown