State Hiring Process

The State hiring process can be challenging, especially if you are new to State service. So, we’ve simplified the process for you. Follow these 5 Steps of the State Hiring:

To get started, follow these 3 simple steps to create and set up your profile:

  1. Visit the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) Job posting website.
  2. Click on “Create a new profile” and sign up.
  3. Once you have signed up, sign in and set up your profile by completing the “My Application” section. By completing this section, you are setting up your State Application (STD 678), which you will use when applying for job openings.

If you are new to employment with the State of California, you must pass an “open” exam before you may apply. You will need to pass a separate exam for each desired classification. Follow the steps below to complete the exam process.Step 2: Search For and Take an Examination (Exam)

  1. SEARCH FOR AN EXAM: The exam is a preliminary screening tool that pre-qualifies you to be able to apply for job openings. If you are new to State employment, you may apply only for exams designated as “open” to the public. If you are a veteran, you may apply for both “open” and “promotional” exams. Browse Examinations.
  2. APPLY FOR AN EXAM: Follow the instructions on the exam bulletin on how to apply. If you meet all the criteria, including the minimum qualifications, either complete and submit a Standard State Application (STD 678) or apply and take the exam via the Internet.
  3. PREPARE FOR AND TAKE THE EXAM: Review the “Exam Information” section to find what type of test will be used and how the test will be scored. The types of testing components may include written tests, structured (oral) interviews, supplemental applications, performance tests, an Education & Experience, or Training and Experience (Internet) exam.
  4. EXAM RESULTS: You will receive your exam score by mail or when you complete the online exam. Your score determines your ranking on the eligibility list. We hire individuals within the top three ranks. However, you could become reachable as hires are made and candidates are removed from the list, so we encourage you to apply for all jobs you have successfully tested for.

Once eligibility has been established, you can start searching and applying for job openings in the classification for which you have successfully tested. Below are ways to search and apply for job openings.

EMPLOYMENT INQUIRY: These letters are sent to those in reachable ranks for current vacancies.

VACANT POSITION DATABASE ON THE WEB (WVPOS): Is a database of all current state job vacancies managed by CalHR.

DEPARTMENTAL VACANCY LISTINGS: Available vacancies posted on department’s website. Browse Job Openings.

STUDENTS: To apply for “Student” positions, exam is not required. To obtain more information, visit Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC).

After you apply for a job, you may be offered an interview. Interviews are designed to identify the most qualified candidate for that specific job opening.

You may be contacted for a hiring interview for the job you applied for. The hiring interview is specific to a particular job, in a department for the classification.

To prepare for your interview, review the duties and responsibilities listed on the Job Opportunity Bulletin.

Acquaint yourself with the mission and functions of that department and how the job you are interviewing for contributes.

If you are not selected, continue applying for additional job openings.

You may be contacted for a hiring interview for the job you applied for. The hiring interview is specific to a particular job, in a department for the classification.

Once you have been hired into State service, you will serve a probationary period of 6 or 12 months, depending on your classification.

When you have successfully completed probation, you attain permanent status as a State employee. However, unsuccessful performance may lead to rejection during probation and failure to attain permanent status.

For more information about the State’s exam and civil service process, please visit the following CalHR webpages: