Birds are shown by exhibitors at the California State Fair and can be found in the Tractor Supply Co. Big Barn, L2.

Someone holding a chicken

Quick Facts

Chicken Terminology

  • Galline: Scientific Name
  • Chick: Offspring / Newborn
  • Pullet: Young Female
  • Hen: Mature Female
  • Cockerel: Young Male
  • Rooster: Mature Male
  • Brood: Group of Chickens


Turkey Terminology

  • Meleagrine: Scientific Name
  • Poult: Offspring / Newborn
  • Jenny: Young Female
  • Hen: Mature Female
  • Jake: Young Male
  • Tom: Mature Male
  • Rafter: Group of Turkeys
Turkey looking at the camera
A lady holding a golden bear trophy and ribbon with her turkey
Little chick in a box