Policies & Procedures

The Cal Expo Policy and Procedure Manual is established as a consistent means of serving the needs of the State of California and California Exposition & State Fair.
It reflects the goals of Cal Expo, brings consistency to its operation, provides fair treatment for all concerned, increases staff efficiency, cuts down on wasted effort, and relieves the Board and management of the burden of making repetitive decisions.

The guidelines offered are the bases upon which management and staff is to conduct the business of Cal Expo. The Board of Directors, as a policy-setting body, has the ultimate responsibility for this Policy Manual’s content. Its collective decisions will be the impetus for any changes. For a copy of the most current Policy and Procedure Manual, please contact info@calexpo.com.

Cannabis consumption and sale is prohibited during the California State Fair. View the Cannabis Policy here.

Drones are prohibited on Cal Expo grounds. View the Drone Policy here.

Click here to view the Free Speech guidelines and application.